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Author Topic: 2012 NECO Real Human Geography Questions And Answers  (Read 947 times)

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2012 NECO Real Human Geography Questions And Answers
« on: November 05, 2012, 10:10:43 pm »
1a. Factors dat can facilitate
high birth rate are:
ii-unprotected sex
iii-high immigration rate
iv-low mortality

(2a)advantages:-it is d cheapest means of transport-it is used to move bulky goods-it is relatively free.

Disadvantages:-cost of port construction and maiantenace is high-cost of acquiring a ship is high-lack of technique technical know how in ship maintenance

(2b)-it covers long distances thus linking all the continent for the trade purposes-it carries bulky goods-it is available for all nations to use-maintenace of harbor is relatively low

(5b) lack of modern equipment to reduce the physical human labour in order to increase production-the local craft industries are often affected by lack of raw materials which hinders the production-poor patronage from the indigenes as a result of poor finishing and low purchasing power (5c) provision of modern equipment to facilitates the industries-provison of raw materials-awareness and advertisement should be made

(6b)the region is found in the north-western part of Nigeria. Physical settings: 1.relief:lowland of about 100-300m. the land is flat and undulating. 2. Drainage: the sokoto plain drained by sokoto rima and zamfara rivers which take their sources from the north central highland. 3. climate and vegetation: the climate of this region is mainly tropical continent. 4. Population: it has a dispersed settlement except in sokoto town which is nucleated , the region has a moderate population density of between 20-50 persons. 5. Resources and ecomomic activities: mining which is due to the presence of mineralresources like limestone-pastoral activites which is due to the presence of grases-farming activities with the aid of irrigation. 6. Problem of development: high cost of provision of infracture and services- inadequate rain fall-presence of diseases e.g cerebro-inadequate water supply.

(8a)-presence of rivers like river nile in Egypt and sudan and Niger in west Africa.-pressure of fertile alluvial soils (or plain)-incidence of low rainfall or unreliable rainfall-resourcefulness of the people-the need to control flooding (8b)-growth of water weed-collapse of dams- salination (8c)-millet-cotton-maize-wheat

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