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Author Topic: 2018 JAMB Biology Possible Questions And Answers Free Expo  (Read 582 times)

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BIOLOGY : 05/03/18

TIME : 32 MINUTES ( 27 Minutes to attempt the questions. 7 Minutes to type and Submit your answers )

1 Which of the following is a homostatic response in humans?
A. Withdrawing the hand from a hot object
B. The mouth getting watery when food is sighted
C. yawning owing to tiredness
D. shivering in a cold environment

2. The Mambila plateau is a unique Nigerian biome located in
A. Plateau state
B. Borno state
C. Taraba state
D. Benue state

3. In Nigeria, the guinea savanna belt borders the
A. mangrove swamps and the sahel savanna
B. rainforests and the sudan savanna
C. desert and the sudan savanna
D. rainforests and the deserts

4. The population density of Tridex in an abandoned square farm land of side 200 m was found to be 5 plants per m . The population size of the plant on the farm is
A. 40
B. 1000
C. 40000
D. 200000

5. Secondary succession is much faster than primary succession because
A. pioneer colonizers are more in number
B. soil is already present
C. secondary seres require less nutrients
D. species competition is increased

6. Which of the following is used to test for the presence of lime in a soil sample?
A. H2SO(aq)
B. NaOH(aq)
C. HCl(aq)
D. HNO3(aq)

7. The importance of practising crop rotation in agriculture is to
A. maintain soil fertility
B. improve the nutritional value of crops
C. control soil erosion
D. ensure the growth of crops

8. The recycling method of solid waste disposal is unsuitable for
A. organic matter
B. glass
C. plastic
D. metal scraps

9. A non renewable alternative source of energy is
A. wind generator
B. solar panels
C. nuclear energy
D. hydroelectric power

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10. Which of the following is the best explanation for a child who is phenotypically short and born of two tall parents
A. The father possesses a gene for shortness
B. The mother possesses a gene for shortness
C. Nature makes the child short
D. Both parents possess gene for shortness

11. A yellow maize is crossed with a white maize and the first filial generation produce yellow maize only. The white trait is said to exhibit
A. dominance
B. recessiveness
C. codominance
D. incomplete dominance

12. Angiosperms and gymnosperms belong to the plants group known as
A. schizophyta
B. bryophyta
C. pteridophyta
D. spermatophyta

13. Which of the following are non-green plants?
A. Euglena
B. Fungi
C. Spirogyra
D. Angiosperms

14. Sting cells are normally found in
A. Flatworms
B. Hydra
C. Snails
D. Paramecium

15. Which of the following are differentiated into true roots, stems and leaves
A. Algae
B. Schizophyta
C. Pteridophyta
D. Bryophyta

16. To facilitate gaseous exchange, breathing roots have
A. stomata
B. mitochondria
C. cuticle
D. lenticels

17. The annulus of fern sporangium helps in
A. spore dispersal
B. conduction of mineral salt
C. trapping of light energy
D. water retention

18. One of the features which adapts Paramecium to its environment is the possession of
A. a regular shape
B. two nuclei
C. cilia
D. a pellicle

19. In the earthworm, the cocoon is secreted by the
A. chaeta
B. prostomium
C. peristomium
D. citellum

20. The function of maxillipeds in crayfish is to aid
A. walking
B. swimming
C. feeding
D. respiration



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