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Author Topic: Top 6 Reasons Why Some Students Study Very Hard But Still Fail Exams  (Read 158 times)

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Ever wonder why some students read very hard every semester but surprisingly
fail their exams at the end of it all?
Such students read almost every day and night and are perceived by their mates
as hardworking students who deserve to succeed academically; however, their
poor grades keep surprising them and everyone else.
If you study hard and your grades seem not to reflect your hard work, then its
time you stop working hard and start working smart.
Here are some reasons why some students study hard but fail.
1. Upholding hard work while neglecting smart work
Hard work is good but hard work when done smartly is far better and produces
greater result.
Hard work starts with reading and ends with more reading.
Students who uphold hard work while neglecting smart work believe they must
read every note, text-book, handout and all materials they can get to be able to
On the other hand, smart work involves reading and settling back to self-examine
whether what is being read is really required for passing exams.
Students who seem to read less but still perform excellently well have been able
to combine smart work and hard work. They are able to smartly figure out what
they need to read to pass. They know they don’t have to read all the textbooks in
the library to be able perform well.
2. Not knowing when it’s enough
Studying saps energy. When you become tired while reading it is important you
take a break, take a walk or go watch TV before returning to your books.
Most students read hard and fail because they stay glued to their books even
when they’re exhausted and need rest. In such condition everything they’ll be
reading stops making sense but they continue nonetheless.
3. Having difficulty prioritizing what’s important
Not all courses or subjects are read the same. Seemingly difficult subjects or
courses should be given higher priority. Also, courses that are prerequisites are
more important than electives and thus must be given more priority as we study.
4. Focusing on “I don’t want to fail” instead of “I want to pass”
This is a mind game. Winners always focus their minds on winning.
From personal experience, I see that most students who read more than others
but still fail do their read out of fear. They afraid of failing hence they often say
things like: “I don’t want to fail”. Fear is their motivation.
The solution to is to focus our minds on “I want to pass” so I’ll read.
5. Putting their books first and themselves second
They read all day and night while they forget about the need to take care of
themselves. Haven’t you seen those who read from the first day of resumption to
the last week of lectures only to fall sick in the week of exams? They stress and
wear themselves out.
6. They read all the time instead of at ‘their right time’
There is often the ‘right time’ to read for every student. This is often the time of
the day when you are able to grasp and understand more as you read. For some
their right time to read is at night.
Students who read hard and still fail read at all times even when it’s not
At the end of the day, they are perceived to be serious and hardworking students
but they have no results to show for their labour.
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    Offline gideon saviour

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    Nice one, smart work is involve.

    Offline gideon saviour

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    • Location: River's
    • HomeTown: Ahoada
    Nice one, smart work is involve.


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