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Author Topic: Find Out 10 Effective Ways To Make You A Faster Learner!  (Read 290 times)

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Find Out 10 Effective Ways To Make You A Faster Learner!
« on: January 04, 2016, 12:15:50 pm »
Through much and thorough research effort by Students Nigeria , here comes a result which will
help you understand the importance of learning, which cannot be underestimated. Learning
empowers us to fulfill our ideas and realize our full potential. The speed of gaining new
knowledge is practically as important as its volume. Who wouldn’t love to remember tons of
information as quickly as possible? If you want to start learning faster, you need a new
approach towards the process which would enable you to comprehend the essence of the
matter and relate it with new concepts you encounter.
A popular blogger has listed the following 10 tips will help you do that.
This material embodied the effect of your temperament in the first step, which defines
individual varied ability to adapt to certain condition why undertaking a learning process.
1. Analyze Your Learning Style.
Before you can start experimenting with different studying methods, you need to understand
what type of learner you are.
● Is your memory associated to sound? Maybe you can remember what you were reading when
a particular song was playing? If this is your case, then you fall into the category of auditory
learners. If you want to start studying more efficiently, then it would be wise to record the
lectures and listen to them instead of reading textbooks.
● Do you relate information to visual content? If you are a visual learner, you should implement
images, graphs, charts, infographics, colorful lists, flashcards, and other types of visual
content when you study.
● If your learning style is not auditory or visual, then you might be a physical learner. Some
students have too much energy; they tap their feet or play with a pen during lectures. A walk
before a lecture will calm your nerves down. You can try studying/listening to audio lectures
during a walk. That will help you remember the information more quickly.
2. Use the Right EdTech Tools
Technology has the power of making everything easier. There are plenty of websites, online
tools, and smartphone/tablet apps that will boost your skills of planning, writing, time
management, brainstorming, etc.
One way of improving your productivity is using flashcards. You can make your own cards, but
you can also download pre-made kits online. StudyBlueis one of the best online destinations
when it comes to creating and discovering flashcards from all areas of study. If you are looking
for a tool that makes the process of brainstorming more effective, then you should try
PapersGear. You also need the SelfControl app, which will eliminate all distractions when you
need to stay focused. Quizlet is another website you should bookmark; it offers study tools
that will transform the learning process into a fun activity. Notella is an app that will help you
take quick notes at any time. Brainscape is an educational platform that makes complex
subjects easy by relying on cognitive science. Finally, you should also try Dragon Dictation,
especially if you are an audio learner.
3. Train Your Brain to Accept New Information
Efficient studying is a habit. Your brain needs constant training if you want to improve your
focus and complete complex tasks without taking breaks. One way to achieve this goal is to
create a private learning space in your home. You’ll also need a specific time of day that you’ll
devote to studying. That will make your brain ready to accept the information it gets, so you’ll
notice you’re starting to learn much faster by the day.
4. Get Some Exercise
You are aware of the fact that physical activity is good for your body, but your brain needs it
too! Light exercise, such as yoga, can help you learn much faster. If you are inactive
throughout the day, your body will want to move, so it will be difficult for you to stay focused.
If, on the other hand, you canalize your energy through light training sessions, you will be
ready to study productively.
5. Work on The Ambiance
If your roommate constantly invites friends over for a beer, you won’t be able to study no
matter how hard you try. Students who want to learn quickly need a quiet, distraction-free
environment that won’t disturb the mind in any way. Such a peaceful place will set you in
learning mode as soon as you find yourself in it.
6. Take a Lot of Notes
Only few people are capable of remembering information as they read it. If you don’t belong to
this category of privileged learners, then you absolutely need to start taking notes. This simple
learning method will force you to think about the essence of the material, but it will also give
you a nice framework that will help you review the things you’ve learned.
Write down only the most important information. That will help you remember all the other
things you’ve learned.
7. Make Mind Maps
Mind maps are among the best tools to speed up the learning process. Your mind will process
information effectively if you create a visual representation of the things you’re about to learn.
You can create a nice mind map in the old-school way: take a large sheet of paper and organize
all facts and explanations. Use pictures, note-cards, and other symbols you can think of. Group
similar items together and connect them with colorful pens. Of course, you can also use an
online mind mapping tool if you want to save yourself some time.
8. Experiment With Memorization Methods
Memorizing is often misused in the process of studying. Some students memorize whole
sentences, paragraphs and lectures without grasping their essence. However, memorization
can also be useful when you need to learn definitions and classifications really quickly. Don’t
avoid this technique if you want to fill your brain with information without wasting any time.
9. Find The Right Context
Memorization works solely in times of urgency. If you want to learn in the most effective
manner, then you need to have context for information. Find an aspect that’s interesting for
you; try to research for related information, and you’ll discover the joys of learning. With time,
this practice will make you a faster learner.
10. Study Every Day
It will take some time before you get used to a daily studying routine, but your mind will
eventually grasp the habit. The more frequently you study, the less time it will take for you to
remember the things you read. If you start studying as soon as possible after you cover new
concepts in class, it won’t take long at all for you to get ready for an exam. Now that sounds
really good, doesn’t it?
We discover that learning aid is a very vital instrument that would ensure a student obtain
maximum academic success. As the going says, “Reading is the pathway to academic
success,” students must therefore imbibed the idea, ideals and idiosyncrasy of reading, which
is the first primary acts of learning.
Congratulations as you emerged a successful learner through reading.
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