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Author Topic: So Sad! The Story of an Impotent Nigerian Young Man Will Melt Your Heart  (Read 244 times)

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Read the young man's touching story below:
While growing up I felt so different and did things differently. Naturally I am an introvert, my class mates in sec school would say I have a unique way of doing things.
I felt so cool about myself expecially the ability to control how I feel generally. I am very handsome and the kind of guy girls easily throw themselves at, again I felt my ability to resist certain temptations was because I had self control. Growing up in a Christian home their are things we don't ask mom and dad, I would look at Lil bro and notice I had a smaller scrotum but I didn't feel something was wrong with me.
All these years I never understood I had a real problem. Am all grown now but I can't keep a relationship!! My siblings will always crack a joke about how unlucky I was with finding a good date. First time I got a girlfriend, very loving and caring young girl. We started off for 2yrs without s*x. It wasn't a problem for me I don't know what s*x feels like but it was to her and she wanted it badly I knew I would loose her if I don't and she began to wonder if I was a man. First time we tried sex I couldn't get ****, I felt it was anxiety and she was supportive.
Second and third was worse but we kept trying. She had to tell me to see a doctor fast because I am not okay. Sex ended up being an issue and we broke up. I dated two other girls and the last girl said it to my face "YOU ARE IMPOTENT" And that was when it occurred to me this is serious. I went to see a urologist and after the blood test it was confirmed I had low T.
Low testosterone below normal. I couldn't believe I had a problem like this until I did a sperm analysis. I had oligospermia!! 95% abnormality. Further test showed I had Hypogondasim, it's yet unknown if it's secondary or primary Hypogondasim. I knew I had gone down that road where you look back and ask life.

What did I do to deserve this?
How do I convince a girl to even accept to marry me?
Is there really a God?
Why am I a man if God won't give me what I need to become a man?

Every solution I have heard so for is impractical, expensive or ridiculous. Imagine injecting testosterone for 6 months before ur fit to make love to your wife? Or injecting my joystick to stay up before s*x?
Alpha blockers like **** has no effect on me at all. Apart from sexual performance secience is yet to understand male fertility and alot of things will be tried on me, this could take years!!! If it's so simple as doctor's will easily say why are their cases of 25yrs without a child some never have a child and just adopt.
Why are there so many drugs and injections if one thing works? Am at the bridge of taking my life, I see no point making all these money and sit down in an empty house sad and lonely.
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