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Author Topic: How To Impress A Boy And Make Him Like You  (Read 342 times)

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How To Impress A Boy And Make Him Like You
« on: September 08, 2017, 10:41:33 pm »

In this post on how to impress a boy and make him too form a very good impression of you, you will learn five best ways to do just exactly that. You have seen the boy and observe him to be someone you like and then looking for how to impress a boy and make him like you back?.

There are several ways that answer the question of how to impress a boy and if you do it right, it will not take you much time before the boy begin to notice you and eventually like you which is what you really want.

The following tips will answer your question of how to impress a boy and make him like you which is what you want to achieve.
How To Impress A Boy #1. Your Facial Appearance:

Belief it or not, what any guy will first notice about you is your facial appearance, if the way your face look like do not convince him enough, there is no way he will like you and that shows you canít impress him with not too attractive facial appearance.

Learn to do your best and look good when youíre around him even if you find it difficult looking good with always which maybe as a result of some circumstance around you.

How To Impress A Boy #2. Smile and Smell Nice:

With a good facial appearance comes with a beautiful smile, smiling on your face will make you irresistible for any guy to check out. You donít have to open your teeth and be smiling everywhere with no one teasing you around.

The kind of smile here has to do with inner joy, and until you find a way to smile with this inner joy, which is when your smile look natural to him and not that youíre just forcing yourself with smile.

Combine your smile with a nice smell and make him perceive your smell that you really smell nice. Donít overdo it with much perfume; just little perfume will do the magic.

Too much perfume will make you look creepy and he will ignore you because he will sees that youíre trying to force guys attention on yourself.

How To Impress A Boy #3. Your Mode of Dressing Matters:

The popular phrase of the way you dress is the way youíll be address come into play here. If you want to impress a boy and make him like you, then you will learn to dress attractive.

Attractive dressing does not mean dressing like a harlot all in the name of impressing a guy. Dress nicely with good outfit and look smart, let your best figure shows how sexy you can be to the boy youíre trying to impress.

How To Impress A Boy #4. The Way You Walk:

As I said earlier, there are different ways to impress guys, with your good looking facial appearance, good sense of dressing, beautiful smile and nice smell.

You will need to add them up with the way you carry yourself before guys, walk smartly and gently like a lady, the way you carry your step matters most here, donít drag your leg on the floor as if something is holding down your leg and youíre trying to force the movement.

Of course you will be notice with bad walking sense if you donít know how to walk best, but you cannot get him impressed. Make a habit to walk best at all time because you may be disappointed when you see him and trying to change the way you walk.

It will show right there that youíre trying to force yourself to walk in that way.

How To Impress A Boy #5. How You Talk and Interact With People:

Your mannerism matters too, the way you get along with people around you or around the boy you want to impress will go a long way in getting you notice by the boy and he will form a good impression about you.

Talk like a lady with sweet voice and donít be pretentious about your voice, just make sure youíre not talking like a man with coarse voice.

Whenever you talk, even if youíre not facing him and he has not even seen you around that area, he will recognize your voice because he has already form a good impression about you with your voice and it has registered right there in his brain.

The above five tips is enough for you to impress any good guy that mean well for you. As a guy point of view, if a lady can show all these five ways of impressing a boy to me, you can be sure of getting my attention and I will form a very good impression of you and I know itís the same thing for every other good guys up there.

Do you thing something is still missing right here in how to impress a boy and make him like you? Feel free to us hear your contribution through the comment form below
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