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Author Topic: CAMPUS LOVE: Guys, 10 Things You Should Not Do When You Meet A New Lady  (Read 464 times)

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During a guy or ladyís first date, whatever impression one leaves with oneís partner is almost certain to last forever. What either of the duo thinks about the other will go a long way in determining how long the Ďrelationshipí will last.
There are so many red lights when starting a relationship, whether romantic or platonic, but whichever way the relationship will go is determined by the first date.
Therefore, one has to go the extra mile, just for the sake of the relationship, irrespective of the motive.

For the guys, here are 10 things you should not do when you are having a date with a lady for the very first time:

1. Donít complain about her family

As a guy, when going on a date for the first time, refrain from complaining about your family. No lady would want to listen to you whining about family issues when you first meet.

2. Donít ask too many questions

Please guys, donít badger your date with so many questions. A date should be enjoyed, so donít irritate the lady.

3. Donít talk about s*x

Talking about s*x when you first meet your date can be a turn off for most people. Some ladies would want to get to know you before getting to that stage, even if there has to be anything like that in your relationship.

4. Donít flirt with her

Guys is very important not to behave as if you are attracted to someone when you are not just for amusement. Donít lead your date on when you clearly donít have feelings.

5. Donít fidget

As a guy fidgeting when you first meet your date sometimes shows that your man enough. Ladies like and appreciate guys who are confident about themselves.

6. Donít pick your nose

Itís bad manners to pick your nose in public especially in front of a lady.

7. Do not talk about your wealth or earning

Bragging about your wealth or earnings the first time you meet a lady is turn off for most ladies. As a guy it shows how vain you can be and doesnít show maturity.

8. Donít let her pay

It is very wrong to allow a lady to pay the bill when you are out on a date with her for the first time. It doesnít make you as a guy look serious.

9. Donít ask for her age

When you first meet your date donít ask for her age. Ladies get very sensitive when they meet a guy for the first time and they are asked their age.

10. Donít be too quick to post joint picture on social media

No rush, wait for two-three dates.
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