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Author Topic: 6 Types Of lecturers You Find In Nigerian Varsities  (Read 64 times)

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6 Types Of lecturers You Find In Nigerian Varsities
« on: October 21, 2017, 04:38:43 pm »
Whether you have graduated from school or you are still a student in school, you must have come across so many different types of lecturers. There is no way escaping it…

We have therefore compiled some categories of lecturers for you to peruse. So, all you have to do is to identify the type of lecturers you have met in these categories below.

Tell us their names, departments and schools. Use the comment box below to indicate your type of lecturers. Just give us your own and let us all enjoy the show…

Types Of lecturers You Find In Nigerian Varsities
1) The strict ones

You see these types of lecturers ehn, don’t just mess with them, they don’t give a **** who you are, whether you are a slay queen or you are a father of four. They’ll wash you if you misbehave. Students fear them due to that fear factor.

2)The Wicked ones

They might be gentle, infact most of them are always gentle..they won’t say anything, but they re the ones that’ll make u get to 800level. U might be distributing their class, they’ll just be saying “keep quiet””keep quiet,” u wont know that he’s already marking your faces. U’ll just be seeing 39F. Nd u’ll be like “omo that course simple die, if I no get A make I die” after exam.
3)The parent type

It’s the female lecturers that falls into this category most. They re the ones that tells you to remember the home u came from, how your parents sold their clothes to pay your school fees, how u need to be serious nd make good grades. They’ll be the one to tell to raise up your hands coz u re making noise in their class.

4)The womanizers

This category of lecturers is very rampant, they are always very lively funny and accommodating. They notice every single lady in their class, they’ll be the one to know that u used a purple lipstick today but u used a pink one yesterday, they re always calling ladies to answer questions in their class. U’ll hear. “You stand up yes you putting on mini skirt. What is so so so and so. Lady:keeps quiet for long. Lecturer: can u see your life, simple question u don’t know, instead u’ll be painting your faces about, see me in my car after the class, nonsense;”my sister u don enter am be that.

5)The respected ones.

Both students and lecturers respect them. Somehow somehow they’ve been able to earn it. Students re always quiet in their class, u’ll always want to listen to what he says, they re mostly the gentle and kind type.


You see these ones, they just don’t care, if u like be kissing eachother in his class. It’s your life and your Father’s money. All he does is come in say what he has to say and get out if you like get it if you like don’t get it, it’s your problem.

Their class is always noisy most times. Only the bookworms that sits at the front gains from their lecture. And their questions are mostly the toughest.
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