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The long blocked Glo cheat is back and i have decided to share it with you guys. This is one of the latest free browsing cheats for this month.
There are lots of free browsing cheats for this month like; 9MOBILE free browsing cheat, Airtel free browsing  and unlimited data for all networks.

Using this settings, its well advised  you download the old/normal Anonytun vpn and also your Glo SIM should be an Old one (Not 4G LTE SIM)

No time for much stories, going straight to the point of writing this article, which is to show you the latest Glo 2018  free browsing cheat settings.

Latest Glo 2018  Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using AnonyTun VPN
First of all, you need to download AnonyTun VPN,  DOWNLOAD THE ANONYTUN VPN HERE, if you don’t have it. Please use this version, 1.3(4) do not update the application please, download the one I am recommending for you only.

Requirements For Glo Free Browsing Cheat
Some Basic things required for this cheat includes:

A Glo sim with 0.00 balance and no data (to ensure its working properly else your data/credit will be deducted)
Strong 3G network
Your Android phone
APN Settings
1. The APN settings required for this cheat is shown below:
APN: 9mobile
APN Type: Default,Supl
Proxy: Blank
Port: Blank
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
2. After Downloading, Launch the application – Click Continue
3. Click on Stealth Settings…
4. Now put the following:
Connection Protocol: HTTP
Connection Port: 80 or 8080 or 8081
6. Put the following there
Then tick USER AGENT
Then tick KEEP-ALIVE
8. Click on Save
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« Last post by MrLogic on October 20, 2018, 02:26:20 pm »
First of all, congratulations to all the candidates who have been offered admission into various undergraduate programmes of their various schools of choice. Same time, we wish all those yet to be offered admission all the best.

Now that you’ve gotten admission, you should know that your journey just began. Yes! You saw that right. Getting admission into a University, Polytechnic, College of Education or any other tertiary institution in Nigeria is not just the beginning. Keeping the admission is another thing all together.

List of Documents To Get Ready For Your School's Clearance Exercise
You should also know that there is another screening still remaining for you.

Screening again? Yes, but this time you will not be writing an examination, like during JAMB or Post-UTME exercise. This time, all your credentials will be screened and if there is any misappropriation you might just loose that admission you work so hard to get.

But you don’t have to get so scared, if you have all the documents listed below in place.

So in preparation for your registration and clearance in school, I’ve written down the list of documents you will need during the screening exercise.

The lists of documents you’ll need during screening are as follows:

Post-UTME / DE Screening Result:

This is optional, since it’s not all schools that write exams during Post-UTME screening. So if your school wrote a Post-UTME or Direct Entry Screening examination e.g. like FUTMINNA, you are required to provide your result slip during your school screening.

JAMB Original Result:

We all know this. This is a result you print from JAMB website. It contains your scores of each subject you wrote and your passport. You should print this from a colour printer. Direct Entry candidates don’t need this. If you don’t have your JAMB Original result, CLICK HERE to print yours NOW.

JAMB Acknowledgement Slip:

JAMB acknowledgement slip is ONLY meant for Direct Entry candidates, this is just a proof that you register for JAMB Direct Entry exercise. Some schools might require that UTME candidates should bring it also, so we advise you to go along with it during screening to be on a safe side.

JAMB Admission Letter:

This document is printed from JAMB’s website. Both UTME and DE candidates should have this. If ypou have been offered admission, you can proceed to and JAMB Accredited CBT Centre to print yours.

School Admission Letter:

Few schools make available their admission letter online for printing. i.e. you print your admission letter from the school’s website. School like FUTMINNA practice this, while other schools like BUK only make available an UNOFFICIAL Admission Letter on their site, which candidates will use to collect the original OFFICIAL Admission Letter in school later on. Others on the other hand, give this to students in school e.g. KADPOLY.

A’level Result:

This result is ONLY meant for Direct Entry Candidates, if you are a JAMBITE ignore this. A’level result is basically your ND, NID, IJMB, Diploma, NCE certificates etc.

O’level Result:

This is just basically your WAEC, NECO or NABTEB result. Both UTME and Direct Entry Candidates MUST provide this.

Secondary School Testimonial:

Most schools require this document. It’s a proof to show that you finished from the secondary school you claimed during your registrations.

FSLC or Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC):

First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) is your Primary School leaving certificate. Both UTME and DE candidates MUST possess this document during screening exercise.

Primary School Testimonial:

This document is totally different from your FSLC listed above. Though, most schools don’t require this document as your FSLC certificate is good enough for them. But anyway, to be on a safer side you should have this document also.

Birth Certificate / Declaration of Age:

We should all know this. This is basically important as it’s the first prove to show that you are a citizen of Nigeria. But in a situation when you don’t have a Birth Certificate, you can also use a Declaration of Age. So if you don’t have a birth certificate, just go to any high court closest to you and to get a Declaration of Age document for nothing less than N500 (depending on the location of the court). This is compulsory for both UTME and DE candidates.

LGA Certificate:

This is your Local Government Area (LGA) certificate, this document proofs that you are from the local government you claim during your JAMB and Post-UTME screening registrations. Most schools prefer that candidates should come along the LGA certificates directly from their Local Government Area to that of Liaison Offices.  All Candidates should have this document


Proof of payments (tellers), Post-UTME registration slip, JAMB registration slip, and every little piece of paper you value as credential might just be useful for you as you can really predict all the documents that may be required of you during screening. So we advise you to carry every little piece of valuable paper along.

We believe that if you can provide the necessary documents amongst the listed ones above, you are go to go for your screening / clearance exercise.

If you feel we omitted any document, please feel free to notify us using the comment box below.

Or if you have any question, you can also use the comment box, we’ll be glad to help.

All the best in your studies.

Written and compiled by:

Lucky Ajidoku


Federal University Oye-Ekiti Admission List Released 2018/2019.
The Federal University Oye-Ekiti Admission List has been Released for the 2018/2019 academic session. All candidates who applied are hereby informed.

The Federal University Oye-Ekiti wishes to inform all candidates who applied for admission to the institution and participated in the just concluded Post-UTME that the management has released the list of successfully admitted candidates for the 2018/2019 academic session.

FUOYE 1st batch admission list is now available on the School portal.

How to Check FUOYE Admission List.
STEP 1: Go to FUOYE admission status portal at

STEP 2: Supply your registration number in the required column.

STEP 3: Click on ‘Login’ and then click on ‘Admission Status’ to access your FUOYE admission status.

Successfully admitted? Go to JAMB CAPS portal to ACCEPT or REJECT the offer

Acceptance Fee Payment Deadline: Tuesday 30th October, 2018

All fees must be paid on the University Portal with your ATM card. You don’t have to go to any bank for payment. Payment outside of the University Portal is at the payer’s risk

If the status displays Not Yet Admitted after you have completed steps above, do not panic, log out as usual and check back later.

Congratulations to all the candidates that made it to FUOYE 2018/2019 admission list.
Federal University Kashere UTME & DE Admission List Released 2018/2019.

The Federal University Kashere UTME & DE Admission List has been Released for the 2018/2019 academic session. All candidates who applied to the institution are hereby informed.

The Federal University Kashere wishes to inform all candidates who applied for admission to the institution an participated in the recently conducted UTME screening exercise that the management has released the list of successfully admitted candidates for the 2018/2019 academic session.

How to Check FUKashere Admission List.
The federal University Kashere admission list details is as below: all candidates should go through the below information for their admission status.,

Go to FUKashere admission status checking portal at
Supply your username and password in the required columns.
Finally click on ‘Login’ to access your admission status.
If admitted, print your admission letter and registration clearance form from the same page and come along with them for clearance during registration.
Candidates are further advised to note the following:

Registration would commence on Monday, 15th October, 2018 and end on Sunday, 21st October, 2018, while late registration would commence from Monday, 22nd to Wednesday, 24th October, 2018.
All credentials to be presented during registration must tally with those presented during the Post UTME Screening exercise.
Those with O’ Level deficiency are advised in their own interest not to make any payment for registration.
Candidates are to also strictly follow the registration procedure as posted on the website.
Students Nigeria Team congratulates all successfully admitted candidates
Latest Jobs Vacancies / Five (5) Crucial Ways To Find Job In 2018
« Last post by JEFFREY96 on October 19, 2018, 10:34:22 pm »
Here are some crucial ways to find a job in 2018 and beyond.

1. Networking & Referrals
There is a “hidden job market” that can be accessed only by networking and knowing the right people at the right time. You will need to have a mindset open to discovering, exploring and be open to the new opportunities that you will encounter. While the final goal is to help yourself getting a job, you will also need to help others along the way.

Remember that each network (family, neighbors, close friends, acquaintances, colleagues and co-workers) is part of another network. Therefore your outreach is higher than you think.

Start by making a list of all the people you know that might have the knowledge or know someone in the industry or the company you want to apply and reach to them first. They can easily refer you or recommend to a key stakeholder in that company.

Before you start reaching out and activate your network, keep in mind that it is really important to know exactly what you want.

2. Career Websites and Job Searching Platforms
There are many career websites and job searching platforms out there. Some of them might be global, while others are regional.

Knowing which position you are applying for, easily type on search engines, for example, Career24 and Jobberman.

Before you start applying, make sure that your resume and Cover Letter are up-to-date.

3. Job Fairs
To get the most of a job fair and get hired after, consider the following advice:
The majority of the job fairs will advertise the companies that are participating, therefore make sure check to check all the companies that interest you by looking on their website and discover already what open position they might be having.
Again, it is essential to have your resume and Cover Letter updated.
Create networking card that includes your name, email, phone number and optionally your website, blog or LinkedIn account.
Have a power outfit for the job fair. Make sure you choose the right clothing style which should be professional and comfortable increasing your confidence.
Make a list of questions for the recruiters. This will show that you are prepared and passionate about the job and will increase the chances of them remembering you.
Practice your personal pitch and the eye contact. The first impression matters the most. Therefore it is important that you show great communication skills through your introduction and by frequently maintaining eye contact.
Follow up with the recruiters from the companies you wish to work for. If you have their contacts, send them a thank you email or connect with them on LinkedIn.
4. Company’s Website
If you already know what is your dream job and for what company you want to apply, the best way is to go directly to the source. Firstly, check their career section and see if they have openings for your dream job. If they do not have openings at the moment, considering writing to them and politely ask for more information about possible future vacancies.

5. Social Media Channels
When using social media channels to find a job, it is important to consider the following tips:

Use your real name on your profiles.
Only use professional images and keep them consistent across platforms.
Make an audit of your accounts and remove the posts or images that are inappropriate or unprofessional.
Delete the profiles on the websites that you are not using anymore regularly.
“Brand” yourself consistently across all the platforms. You want people to know who you are, what you do and what are your plans.
LinkedIn is one of the most known platforms for professionals which can also be considered a job search site, but other platforms such as Facebook and Google started implementing job searching options.
The conclusion is that in our modern and dynamic job market, finding your dream job might require a combination of more of the above methods. All of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore it is essential to try first the ones that you are comfortable with but get out of your comfort zone from time to time and experiment with the others as well.
Latest Jobs Vacancies / 10 Tips To Increase Your Chances of Getting A Job
« Last post by JEFFREY96 on October 19, 2018, 10:29:56 pm »
So many Nigerian graduates don’t get a job immediately after graduation or after completing the compulsory National Youth Service Corps.
Many might blame it on unemployment because it is one of the major problems confronting the youths in the country.

But from the employers’ perspectives, a lot of Nigeria Nigerian graduates have not been able to get a job because they are unemployable. This according to employers is evident in their job interview performances.

If you have been invited for interviews several times and never get called back for the job, it might be due to the behavior you exhibited during the interviews.

Don’t look down on yourself because of that. You can still get that job you really want if you know how to conduct yourself before, during and after a job interview. Here are 10 tips you need to improve your chances of getting the job you desire.

1. Dress Smart
Putting up an impeccable appearance is one of the requirements for a job interview. It will go a long way to boost your confidence.

Make sure your outfit, your hair, nails and shoes look neat and ensure your appearance is appropriate for the job role you’re to be interviewed for.

2. Research the company and the role
Don’t ever go for a job interview without knowing anything about the company or the role you apply for.

Read about the company’s job policy, the type of person the company wants and the skills required of the person. This will help you ask relevant questions during the interviews.

3. Be punctual
If you have been showing up for other appointments using Nigerian time, you definitely need to change your timepiece. You can’t afford to arrive late at the venue of the interview.

If for some reasons you’re delayed and will get there late, show the company some respect by calling to ask whether you should still attend or reschedule.

4. Watch what you do or say while waiting
You know the interview won’t start immediately you arrive at the interview venue. So, while waiting you’ve got to be careful of what you do or say.

If there are some reading materials at the company’s reception be careful of the one you pick to read while waiting for the Hiring Manager to call you. Don’t pick a business magazine if you are not grounded in business. The manager might start a conversation with you about your opinion on a business policy.
Also, don’t get too busy with your phone or get carried away on social media.

5. Prepare for the ‘weakness’ questions
You really can’t escape questions about what your weaknesses are. Job interviewers are particularly interested in these questions because they want to see if you can demonstrate a commitment to personal growth.

While answering this, be truthful enough to give an honest answer and also explain what you’re doing to overcome that weakness.

6. Talk about the value you’ll add to the company
Remember that the company is not only employing to fill a position and get paid for it. You’re also expected to contribute to the company’s growth effectively.

That said, during the interview, you’ll need to tell the interviews what you can do and how you can do it to make a difference. That alone might be the reason the company will consider to give you the job.

7.  Sound confident
You really can’t be confident if you do not prepare well for the interview. Boost your confidence with a very sound preparation. Rehearse and prepare answers to likely questions you might be asked. Understand your prospective job role and make some findings about the company.

8. Connect with the interviewer
Before going for the interview, make some findings about the interviewers to find a common factor that you can mention early in the interview. You might have attended the same alma mater or share similar interests.

Mentioning this during the interview will help you establish a connection with your interviewers to increase your chances of being selected for the job.

9. Thank your interviewers
After the interview, don’t just leave the venue thinking about how you perform during the interview. Make sure you thank every interviewer with a smile and a strong handshake.

10. Follow up
The Hiring Manager will probably tell you when the company will get back to you after the interview. If after the promised time you do not get any response from them, contact the company and ask about it. If you don’t get a reply in another few days, try again, but make sure your messages are polite and brief.
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