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Scholarship Examinations / Re: ARISE Scholarships for African Students
« on: August 16, 2016, 11:53:11 am »
making sense

Files Free Download Links / Re: Psiphon for Windows
« on: August 16, 2016, 11:46:22 am »
Long time @Smartoo!

You're welcome bk
Tnk u Mr Brain..I really missed Earlyface.

Files Free Download Links / Re: Psiphon for Windows
« on: August 12, 2016, 09:39:34 pm »

Almost 200 Ethiopian health
workers have arrived in West
Africa to bolster the response to
Ebola, a disease that has ravaged
weak health care systems and
killed more than 300 medical
The African Union (AU) said in a
tweet that the Ethiopian
government sent a total of 187
personnel to the region without
giving a breakdown of how
many would go to which
The doctors and nurses will join
an AU mission against the worst
Ebola outbreak on record, which
has killed more than 6,800
people in Liberia, Sierra Leone
and Guinea.
They will join more than 175
Nigerian medics deployed to
Liberia and Sierra Leone earlier
this month.
Ebola has torn through some of
West Africa’s weakest health
systems, killing nearly 350
medical personnel.
This month, two doctors died of
Ebola in Sierra Leone on the
same day, bringing to 10 the
number of doctors killed in by
the virus in one of the worst-
affected countries.
Other countries have also sent
medical staff to West Africa,
notably Cuba, which has sent 256
staff, with 165 in Sierra Leone
and the rest in Guinea and
“The aim of the AU is to support
the government on the progress
so far made. We want to expand
on it, to make sure that the
community also supports it,”
Major-General Julius Oketta, who
head’s the AU Ebola mission, said
upon the arrival of 87 of the
Ethiopian health workers to
The bulk of the African Union’s
efforts in Liberia focus on
Montserrado County, which is
home to the country’s capital and
largest city Monrovia.
Once the country hardest hit by
the disease, Liberia has seen a
sharp decline in new infections,
spawning optimism that the
outbreak there may be coming to
an end.

The All Progressives Congress
(APC) presidential candidate, Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari has
announced Professor Yemi
Osinbajo as his running mate in
2015 presidential election
scheduled for February 14, 2015.
The All Progressives
Congress (APC) presidential
candidate, Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari has
chosen Professor Yemi
Osinbajo as his running
mate in the 2015
presidential election
scheduled for February 14,
Recall that LEADERSHIP had
exclusively reported last
Friday that Professor Yemi
Osinbajo would eventually
emerge as the APC vice
presidential candidate.

Latest Gists In Town / Blue Gate Launches 55” Android Television
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:53:00 am »

. Te thrill of streaming your
favurite movies straight into
your TVin high definition.
· If you could download and
enjoy all of your favourite games
and apps from Google Playstore
using a high definition,Wi-Fi-
enabled TV.
. If you could access Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram & other social
media platforms via your big
· Checking your e-mails or using
the Google search engine via
your high definition TV.
Then imagine the all-new BLUE
GATE 55” Android TV that allows
you do all of these and
more.Quite simply, this TV has
redefined the concept of home
TheBLUE GATE 55” Android TV is
a delightful product that brings
the amazing world of Android
aliveinto your television screens.
The Television comes equipped
with easy-to-use, intuitive
functions, several connectivity
choices for gadgets (smart
phones and tablets) and a
modern stand that makes it too
sleek to ignore. It comes in an
attractive ultra slim bezel that you
just want to pinch to feel that
slim feature. With this TV,home
entertainment is nowmore
engaging and exciting. Indeed,
the BLUE GATE 55” Android TV
gives you the freedom to choose
how you want to be entertained
and creates opportunities for
more people to join the fun.
That’s not all. With external
accessories, users can Skype and
video chat and enjoy images and
pictures in full-high definition.
You can also log on to
yourfavouritesites like Google,
Face book, Twitter, Amazon,
eBay, Wikipedia etc. right on the
TV browser and the TV provides
enough memory to download
desired Apps.
Okay you can stop imagining. It's
the Christmas seasonwith the
lights and the decorations. Why
not get yourself andyour loved
ones a BLUE GATE 55” Android TV
and make every viewing
experience count.Treat yourself
to a wide range of options on
how to interact on social media,
access live information and
create those special moments
and family time in the comfort of
the office, home or wherever.
BLUE GATE 55” Android TV is
available in select retail shops
nationwide and comes with one-
year full warranty.
Contact Details:
www.bluegateworld.c om

Latest Gists In Town / Afghan Taliban Condemn Attack On Pakistani School
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:44:49 am »
Afghan Taliban have condemned
the attack by Pakistani Taliban on
a military run school in Pakistan
earlier today. 126 people were
killed, 84 of them children.
In a statement released by its
spokesperson, Zabihullah
Mujahid, Afghan Taliban said;
"The intentional killing of
innocent people, children and
women are against the basics of
Islam and this criteria has to be
considered by every Islamic party
and government."
Pakistani Taliban are separate
from but allied to the Afghan
Taliban across the border. Both
aim to overthrow their own
governments and establish an
Islamic state.

The Deeper Life Bible Church has
urged the Independent National
Electoral Commission (INEC) to
conduct free, fair and credible
general elections next year.
The church advised politicians to
play the game according to the
rules and not to engage in any
act to subvert the will of the
The Ekiti State Overseer of the
Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor
Jacob Asubiojo, made the appeal
on Tuesday at a briefing on the
forthcoming visit of the General
Superintendent, Pastor William
Kumuyi, to the state.
Kumuyi is expected to arrive Ado-
Ekiti on December 24 for a three-
day crusade tagged
“Extraordinary Encounter with
the God of Miracles” at the
Deeper Life camp ground in
The state overseer said
participants would pray for
Nigeria to overcome its socio-
political problems.
According to him, holy and
honest living could help
Nigerians overcome the
corruption monster, which he
described as more devouring
than the Ebola virus.
The church leader emphasised
that the antidote against
calamities and crises befalling the
country could be found in the
He stressed that the prevailing
insecurity and insurgency in
some parts of the country could
be overcome with prayers and
supplication to God.
Asubiojo urged stakeholders to
ensure the conduct of a peaceful,
transparent, free and fair election
in 2015.
Responding to questions from
reporters, the cleric said the
conduct of a transparent election
would guarantee peace and
prevent post-election crises.
He  urged Nigerians not to allow
religious affiliation to becloud
their sense of judgment as they
elect candidates into various
political offices stressing that the
country needed God-fearing
Asubiojo said: “INEC must be fair
and keep to the rules that govern
electoral process. Once there is
fairness, openness and
transparency, everybody will
accept the outcome and there
will be peace.
“To help INEC and Nigerians,
politicians too must obey the
rules. They must not heat up the
polity over election if truly they
are desirous of serving the
Speaking on the qualities a
leader must possess to be able to
deliver, the cleric added that
“Nigeria has so many religions
but these have not met the needs
of the people.
He added: “But with this
programme, many Nigerians
would have their lives changed
and transformed for better,
because for a society to produce
good leaders who can transform
a whole nation, such person
must first be transformed.
“What we believe in is prayer as
weapons that can transform the
lives of the people and not
religion that had failed us as a
nation. Our people must not
continue in wretchedness and

Latest Gists In Town / Nigeria won’t break up in 2015 — CAN
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:31:16 am »
Christian Association of Nigeria,
CAN, has said despite the rising
insecurity in the nation, Nigeria
will not break up in 2015,
insisting that those who want
Nigeria to break will be shamed.
Speaking at the Festival of Nine
Lessons and Carols, organised by
Victory Baptist Church, VBC, Ajah,
Lagos, to commemorate the
forthcoming Christmas
celebration, CAN Vice President
and President, Nigerian Baptist
Convention, Rev. Supo Ayokunle,
said the raging insurgency in the
North-Eastern part of the
country, was only a passing
phase that would soon end and
would not break up the country.
In his exhortation at the event
with theme, ‘Joy to the world,’
Ayokunle said: “One of the
wonders Nigerians should
expect as we celebrate the
Christmas is the fullness of time.
Though peace has currently
eluded this nation, in 2015,
Nigerians should expect
accomplishment as this nation
will never fail or break up.
“The Bible made us to
understand that significant
things began to happen in the
life of Mary, the mother of Jesus
Christ, our saviour, when the
angels of God visited her. In the
same way, the angels of God will
visit Nigeria in this trying
moment for peace to reign
The cleric added that “next year,
Nigeria will never break and
those people who want this
country to break will bite their
fingers in shame. In 2015, it is
forward ever and backward
According to the VBC’s pastor,
Rev. Olurotimi Taiwo, the
ceremony, which started five
years ago, was aimed at bringing
together the church’s
neighbours and decision-makers
of the country to share the good
news of Jesus Christ, not minding
their religious inclinations.

ABUJA — IT was revealed,
yesterday, that the alleged plot by
the aggrieved Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, senators
to commence impeachment
move against the Senate
President, David Mark was not
going to succeed as Mark was
said to have made frantic efforts
to ensure that many of his
colleagues returned in 2015 but
was not successful.
Some of the senators that lost
their re-election bid had blamed
their woes on the Senate
President, claiming that he did
not do much to protect them
when the party structures were
handed over to the state
governors by the National
Working Committee, NWC, of PDP.
But a senator close to the Senate
President said that Mark did all
he could, including going to
some of the state governors to
plead for his colleagues to be
given the tickets to return which
the governors rejected.
The senator said it was unfair for
any senator that failed to clinch
the ticket to now put the blame
on the Senate President, who he
said, did much to protect his
Speaking on the condition of
anonymity, the senator said,
“some of the senators who may
be up-in-arms against the Senate
President are not being fair to
“If those who are angry for
failing to survive at the primaries
are truthful to themselves, they
should also disclose how the
Senate President took time off
preparation for his own primary
election to plead the cases of
most of the senators both at the
PDP headquarters and at The
“It is on record that the Senate
President personally led some of
the interventionists meetings
held both at the party level and at
the Presidency.
“It is also on record that the
Senate President spoke to most
of the PDP governors to
accommodate the senators in
their states at the primaries.
He said though the reach of the
Senate President was wide, “the
Senate President did not just sit
idly by without mounting the
necessary lobby for the return of
most senators.”
He specifically explained that in
the case of a particular senator
from South South, “the Senate
President took him to the party
headquarters, the Senate
President also took him to The
Presidency and spoke several
times with his governor and
even sent a close friend of the
governor to plead with him to
allow the senator to return, but
his governor was adamant in
giving his seat to another
Besides, he stated that in some
cases, the Senate President was
holding meetings with some of
the governors to persuade them,
but most of them maintained
hard position over the matter.
He noted that in the case of
another senator from the South
East, “the Senate President took
steps to ensure his return in
2015, but he insisted on going
ahead with his governorship
ambition even when it was
obvious that the coast may not
be clear for him.”
The source also cited the case of
another senator from Bayelsa
State whose case Mark took to
The Presidency and to the party
“It is not fair for some people to
attempt to make anybody scape-
goat in this matter. If anything,
anybody who is aggrieved over
the conduct of the PDP primaries
should take their fight to their
He said that it was clear for the
majority of the senators that the
Senate President did his best for
his colleagues and was still
making efforts to see the
possibility of having more
senators pick the party’s tickets.

International Brent crude oil
price dropped to $59.83 per
barrel on Tuesday as the Federal
Government notified the
National Assembly of its
intention to present the 2015
budget to it on Wednesday
(today) for consideration and
The drop raised fears that the
$65 oil benchmark for the
2015 financial estimates might
be further reviewed
The Minister of Finance and
Coordinating Minister for the
Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-
Iweala, is to present the
N4.357.96tn budget to the two
arms of the National Assembly.
The details of the financial
proposal are contained in the
Medium Term Expenditure
Framework and Fiscal Strategy
document sent to the Senate
by President Goodluck Jonathan.
The government proposed
N627bn out of the total figure
as capital expenditure and
N2.622tn for recurrent
The revised 2015-2017 MTEF
showed a sharp reduction in
the figure presented in the MTEF
earlier sent to the Senate but
was withdrawn following the
earlier crash of crude oil price
in the international market.
In the first MTEF presented in
September, 2014, the
government had proposed a
benchmark of $78 per barrel of
crude oil, with an exchange rate
of N160 to a dollar.
The total budget figure then
was N4.8tn, but when oil price
crashed, the government
effected a reduction in the
budget benchmark from the
earlier proposed $78 to $73 per
barrel, with an exchange rate of
N162 to a dollar.
The total budget figure in that
proposal was N4.7tn but with
further fall in the oil prices, the
benchmark was also reduced
to $65 per barrel, with an
exchange rate of N165 to a
dollar for the 2015 fiscal year.
In the House of Representatives,
Jonathan’s decision to delegate
the minister instead of coming
to do the presentation himself
led to protests that could have
stalled the budget.
Shortly after the Speaker, Mr.
Aminu Tambuwal, had read the
President’s letter requesting
the approval of the House for
Okonjo-Iweala to present the
estimates today, some members
raised voices against it.
The House Minority Leader, Mr.
Femi Gbajabiamila, who led the
protests said the practice over
time was for the President
himself to present the estimates
to a joint session of the National
He observed that since 2013,
Jonathan had formed the habit
of delegating the minister to do
the presentation on his behalf.
The lawmaker argued that
while his excuse of being out of
the country last year during the
budget presentation could be
overlooked, his decision to
delegate it again this year was
Gbajabiamila asked , “Why is the
minister coming again when
the President is very much in
the country? The way we are
going, we don’t want a
situation whereby the
parliament will be disregarded
to a point where a Personal
Assistant to Mr. President will
present the budget estimates to
us one day.”
The All Progressives Congress
legislator had hardly rounded
off his points when the House
Deputy Majority Leader, Mr. Leo
Ogor, opposed him.
Ogor, a Peoples Democratic
Party member, used the cover of
the 1999 Constitution to
counter the submission of the
minority leader.
He noted that while Section I of
the 1999 Constitution
recognised its “supremacy”,
Section 81 specifically mandated
the President to “cause” the
budget estimates to be
prepared and laid before the
National Assembly.
Ogor said, “It does not say the
President ‘shall’ be the one to
present the budget estimates.
So, it is inconsequential for the
minority leader to come under
privilege to argue that the
minister cannot do the
His position was greeted with
applause from the floor, an
indication that he gave the
correct position of the law.
Tambuwal intervened to further
give Jonathan backing by
making it clear that the
President was not under
compulsion to make the
presentation personally.
According to the speaker, the
President can choose not to
observe the “parliamentary
tradition” of presenting the
estimates in person, adding that
his choice of presentation
should not stall the estimates.
He said, “The provision (of the
constitution) does not say it is
the President. Of course,
parliamentary tradition expects
him to present the estimates,
but if he decides to go the other
way, we must not be seen to be
forcing the President to do so.”
Another APC lawmaker from
Kano State, Mr. Ali Madaki, also
came up with another point of
privilege to argue that the
2015-2017 MTEF must first be
approved before receiving the
budget estimates from

Latest Gists In Town / Man jailed three years for scamming 3,000 people
« on: December 16, 2014, 10:26:00 pm »
A 37-year-old man, Benjamin
Bright, was on Tuesday
sentenced to a three-year jail
term for duping about 3,000
Nigerians of about N4.9m.
Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye of a
Lagos State High Court in Ikeja
pronounced the prison sentence
after Bright had admitted
committing the crime.
The convict was charged to court
by the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commissions following
the receipt of about 50 different
petitions from members of the
public against him.
While reviewing the facts of the
case, the prosecutor, Mr.
Emmanuel Jackson, said Bright
perpetrated the crime through a
mouth-watering but sham
investment scheme he had
purportedly launched and
advertised in a magazine
sometime in 2008.
Jackson, who described Bright as
a skillful and competent young
man, said the convict steadily
scammed several Nigerians,
including aged pensioners, for
about three years before he was
eventually apprehended.
Bright was later arraigned on 21
counts bordering on fraud and
issuance of dud cheque.
The offence was said to
contravene sections 383 (1) and
(9) of the Criminal Code, Laws of
Lagos State 2003.
He had initially pleaded not guilty,
but later owned up after
spending over two years in
custody awaiting trial.
Justice Ipaye said the three years
prison term would commence
from Tuesday.


Celebrity Talks / NOMINEES FOR THE 2015 AMVCAS
« on: December 16, 2014, 08:48:31 pm »
Best Actor in a Comedy
The Interview (Frank Donga) –
Kunle Idowu
The Meeting – Femi Jacobs
Meet the Adebanjos – Wale Ojo
Horn Free Day- Kelechi Udegbe
Fundi-Mentals – Gerald Langiri
The Last 3 Digits Nonso Diobi
Best Actress in a Comedy
Folly – Joke Silva
When Love Happens – Weruche
The Meeting – Rita Dominic
A Letter from Adam – Lydia
I Come Lagos – Nse Ikpe Etim
Best Actor in a Drama
A Place in the Stars – Gideon
Honeymoon Hotel – IK Ogbonna
Unforgivable – Mike Ezuruonye
Devil In The Detail – Adjetey
Brave – Wole Ojo
Confusion Na Wa – OC Ukeje
Secret Room – O.C Ukeje
Best Actress in a Drama
Make.A.Move – Ivie Okujaye
Iyore – Rita Dominic
A Place in the Stars – Amaka
Love or Something like That –
Joselyn Dumas
October 1 – Kehinde Bankole
Reflections – Aisha Kamara
Best Art Director (Movie tv)
October 1 – Pat Nebo
Secret Room – Crey Ahanonu/
Simon Peacemaker
Veve – Ayako Bertolli
Verdict           – Stanlee Ohikhuare
Prince of Barmah – Frank Rajah
Best Cinematographer (Movietv)
October 1 – Yinka Edward
A Place in the Stars – John
Demps/ Harald Beeker/ Manuel
The Antique – Dj Tee
Verdict           – Stanlee Ohikhuare
Secret Room – Lukman
Abdulraman/Simon Peacemaker
Best Comedy Writer (Movietv)
The Meeting – Tunde Babalola
Clinic Matters Episode 203 –
Adekunle Salawu
3when Love Comes Around –
Zynnell Zuh and David Amah
When Love Happens – Seyi
Babatope/Diche Enuwa/Temitope
A Letter from Adam – Lydia
Best Costume Designer (Movietv)
October 1 – Deola Sagoe/Obijei
Dazzling Mirage – Adebimpe
Rush TV Series           -Tiona
Love or Something like That –
Nana Akua Manso
Under Your Skin – Ngozi Jombo
Best Documentary
The Gift of the Nile – Yvonne
These Past Times – Katman
Shashamane Southern Ethiopia –
Yvonne Bassey
Paradox Of Life – Katman Dayil
The Masai Mara Adventure –
Yvonne Bassey
Best Drama Writer (Movietv)
A Place in the Stars – Ita Hozaife
And J.K. Amalou
Devil in the Detail – Shirley
Iyore – Frank Rajah Arase
Yellow Cassava – Damijo Efe
October 1 – Tunde Babalola
Best Lighting Designer
October 1 – Lanre Omofaye
The Antique – Dj Tee
Verdict           – Stanlee Ohikhuare
Fundi-Mentals – John Wambugu
Tales of Eve  Caged Tajudeen
Best Local Language Hausa
Bincike           – Hafizu Bello/
Abubakar Bashir
Maja   – Abba Miko Yakassai
Shagun Doka – Andrew Ohio
Mai Farin Jini -           Uzee
Ni Da Matata -           Abba Miko
Best Local Language Igbo
B For Boy -Uche Nwa dili
Onye Ozi (The Messenger) -Obi
Har Da Mijina – Uzee Concept
Olanma – Onyekachukwu Okeke
Saint Ossai – Collins Ezenwa
Best Local Language SWAHILI
Network – John Kallage
Veve   – Sarika Hemi Lakhani
Mama Duka   – Njoki Muhoho
Almasi – Almasi
Mdundiko – Timothy Conrad
Best Local Language YORUBA
Olosa  – Temitayo Adeniyi
Dagbere – Oluwole Cole
Dada Oni Paki -Fidelis Duker
Alakada 2 – Alakada2
Iya Alalake – Faithia Balogun
Best Make-Up Artist
October 1 – Sacred
Verdict           – Stanlee Ohikhuare
Iyore – Matthew Alechenu
A Place In The Stars – Chinwem
Elevoh / Sandra Udoewah
The Meeting – Juliette Okoli
Best Movie (Comedy)
The Meeting – Rita Dominic
A Letter from Adam – A Letter
From Adam
The Meeting – Mildred Okwo
30 Days in Atlanta – 30 Days In
Jand Hustle – Ehizojie Ojesebholo
Best Movie (Drama)
Devil in the Detail – Devil in the
Invasion 1897 – Lancelot Oduwa
Secret Room  – Simon
Peacemaker/ Crey Ahanonu
A Place in the Stars  – A Place In
The Stars
October 1 – Kunle Afolayan
Make.A.Move  Make.A.Move
Best Movie Director
Invasion 1897 – Lancelot Oduwa
A Place in the Stars – Steve Gukas
Secret Room – Eneaji Chris
Verdict           – Stanlee Ohikhuare
Potomanto – Potomanto
Best New Media-Online
Verdict – Stanlee Ohikhuare
Ogas at the Top – Marie Lora-
Leeway – Eric Aghimien
Hard Times – Imoh Umoren
Between The Lines – Likarion
Best Movie Of 2014
Invasion 1897 – Lancelot Oduwa
Yellow Cassava – Zeb Ejiro
October 1 – Kunle Afolayan
A Place in the Stars – A Place In
The Stars
Iyore – Frank Rajah Arase
Best Short Film
Verdict           - Stanlee Ohikhuare
Not Right – Not Right
Brave – Lowladee (Adeleke
Oblivious – Kiki Omeili
The Throne – Jibril Mailafia
Best Sound Editing
A Place in the Stars – Susan
October 1 – Kulanen Ikyo
Render To Caesar – Michael
Gidi Up – Muhammed Atta &
Jadesola Osiberu
Love or Something like That  Kofi
The Antique – Flo
Best Video Editor
A Place in the Stars – Antonio
Veve – Roselidah Taabu Obala
October 1 – Mike Steve-Adeleye
Devil in the Detail – Nana Akua
Reflections – Victoria Akujobi
Best Supporting Actress
30 Days in Atlanta – Ada Ameh
The Meeting – Linda Ejiofor
30 Days in Atlanta – Ese
Gidi Up -  Iretiola Doyle
Confusion Na Wa – Tunde
Best Supporting Actor
A Place in the Stars – Segun
30 Days in Atlanta – Richard Mofe
Iyore – Yemi Blaq
Knocking On Heaven’s Door –
Blossom Chukwujekwu
When Love Happens – O C Ukeje
Best Television Series
The Xyz Show – Godfrey
Jack Okell – Georgia Arnold
Rush TV Series – Rush Series
Gidi Up – Jadesola Osiberu
Maliposa – Mingeli Palata

How About Your School? / Re: 2014 Jamb Results Have Been Released
« on: April 18, 2014, 10:00:49 am »
Note::::'check will mainly start 4rm saturday

How About Your School? / 2014 Jamb Results Have Been Released
« on: April 17, 2014, 05:47:05 pm »
JAMB releases UTME results, says 47
candidates scored above 250 points
ABUJA – THE Joint Admission and
Matriculation Board, JAMB, Thrusday,
said only 47 candidates scored 250 and
above in the Paper Pencil Test (PPT) and
Dual Based Test (DBT) modes of the
Unified Tertiary Matriculation
Examination (UTME) conducted across
the country last Saturday.
The Registrar/Chief Executive of
JAMB,Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, stated this in
Abuja, while announcing the release of
the 2014 UTME results.
He said only 24 candidates scored 250
and above in the PPT while 23
candidates scored 250 and above in the
The JAMB boss while breaking down
the result of her 6th edition of the UTME
on the two modes, Ojerinde disclosed
that in PPT, 275,282 candidates scored
below 150, 122,157 scored 150-159;
115,456 scored 160-169, 315,401
candidates scored 170-199 while
108,488 candidates scored 200-249.
According to him, “In DBT, 2,471
candidates scored below 150, 2,830
scored 150-159, 3,808 scored 160-169;
6,678 candidates also scored between
170-199 while 1,309 candidates scored
“A total of 990,179 candidates applied
for PPT while 25,325 candidates applied
for DBT which amounts to 1,015,504
Prof Ojerinde said universities have
highest number of applicants as first
choice as not less than 995,901
candidates choose universities as their
first choice of institution, 13, 761
candidates choose polytechnics as first
choice; 20, 558 opted for colleges of
education while 32 candidates choose
innovative enterprise institute as their
first choice.
Speaking on the conduct of the exams,
Prof Ojerinde said “the examination
was one of the most successfully
conducted exercise ever by the Board”.
He said from the two modes of exam
conducted, there was a total of 36,164
invalid results, 2,494 results were with-
held by the board for further
scrutinising while 37,315 candidates
were absent form the exams.
Also, a total of one thousand, eight
hundred and sixty-five centres were
used for the conduct of PPT and one
hundred and thirty-three centres were
used for DBT across the federal.
“In this year’s exercise the Board
experienced a remarkable decrease in
the number of applicants that
registered for the PPT.
“This reduction in number is attributed
to the growing confidence of
candidates in the Computer Based Test
(CBT), which definitely will be full blown
by 2015.
“Please take note, the 2014 CBT exercise
will take place from Saturday, 17th May,
2014 to Saturday, 31st May, 2014″, he
On exhibits recovered from centres
during the exams, Ojerinde said this
year witnessed a decrease in
candidates’ desperation and incidences
of malpractice were not rampant unlike
last year.
He however said over a dozen handsets,
irregular answer sheets among others
were found on candidates.
Ojerinde however disclosed that a
medical doctor who sat for the exam
for his wife was caught in Jigawa state
and the matter he said would be
reported to the Nigerian Barr
Association (NBA).
He said candidates are to check their
results on-line via the Board’s website: using their
registration numbers.
All the exam centres indicted in
malpractice and extortion would be
sanctioned by the Board.
- See more at:

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Just a little FYI for your exam. Here are
some things you should have in mind when
you are about to write your Jamb English
Gerunds (-ing verbs)
1. Occur as subject/object of a verb
E.g. (1) Playing lawn tennis was one of his
hobby. (2) The doctor advised him to stop
Eating regularly keeps you healthy.
2. Preceded by possessive adjective
(my,his,her) or possessive noun.
(1) I didn't understand his behaving like
that. (2) Please excuse my going to bed.
3. Prevent & Stop + Object + Gerund
I prevented him from going.
4. Make & Had better without to
(1) The man made John confess. (2) I
thought I'd warn you.
Emphatic Stress
The answer is usually the option without
the stress word (word in caps).
E.g. Lambusa TOOK OFF the wig. (a) did
Lambusa take of the wig? (b) who took off
the wig? (c) what did Lambusa do. Ans= C
(without take/took off).
Use of Apostophe [']
['s] is added to (1) singular noun, (boy's
car), (2) last part of compound/group
names (brothers-in-law's, mother-in-law's,
May & Baker's, new year's day) (3) plural
nouns that don't end with (s) (children's
clinic, women's talk) & (4) possessive
indefinite pronons (one's, somebody else's,
someone else's) (5) noun that end in (s)
(Charles's, Jos's, James's - except ancient
names - Jesus', Moses' Achimedes'). Only [']
for plural words (boys' cars). It's wrong to
add apostrophe in yours, his, hers, ours,
theirs. (1) that car of his (not that his car),
(2) this land is theirs (not this land is
theirs') (3) yours faithfully.
Use Of "On"
bed-relaxing, time - exact (right on time),
flat surface, transport, slap-face.
Use Of "In"
enclosed place, large/popular city, clothes
on, slap - metaphor, time - early/a bit late,
bed - asleep, arm chairs, gunshot/head,
begining / end of story.
Use Of "At"
place seen as point of target/meeting,
when a place is not final destination,
specific time, small city or place in a big city,
night - regular action, precided at, villages,
outskirts & satelite houses.
1. Collective nouns (congregation) & Plural
words like any, everybody, each, everything,
everyone takes singular verbs. E.g
Everybody (is) here.
2. Subjects joined with (and) takes plural
verbs except food & units of currencies
which takes singular verbs. (1) the man &
his wife (are) here. (2) rice & stew (is)
sweet. When joined by (or), it is determined
by the subject after (or). (1) The boys or the
girl (is) to blame. (2) The girl or the boys
(are) to blame.
3. Verbs of phrases such as "with, as well
as, together with, in addition to, in
company of, etc" is determined by the first
subject. E.g. The man with his wife (is)
it is about time, it's high time, as if, i wish,
it's time, i'd rather, if only, suppose - uses
past tense for present & future actions but
past perfect tense for past actions. (1) It's
high time we (left) here. (2) her mother
said, "i would rather you (cooked) the food.
When (to) is added to subjunctive, it
remains in present tense.
Sentence Detachment
Sentences are detached by removing
relative pronouns (who, whom, that,
whose, which) & the words before the gap
if the relative pronouns appear after the
gap. E.g. (1) It was __ who fought the civil
war [they/them/theirs]. When who & It was
is removed. We have: (They) fought the civil
war. (2) You who__ convicted should
appear. [are/is/was] When who is removed.
We have: You (are) convicted.
Sentences Order
DO - Determiners
SI - Size
SHA - Shape
C - Color
P - Participle
O - Origin
M - Material
N - noun adjective
DE - Denominal
H - Head
Wish you success. Now go crush that exam.
The Lord is ur Muscle.

Those in nid of Lit in ENg...check online Reading at d FORUM

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Heritage of Liberation
since it was you who in all these thin
Gave to our minds the visions of life
Take these weapons for our children's
They were ours.
They broke the enemies' encirclements.
So let our children live with our voices
With all the plentifulness of our nightmares.
Let them bury us in the mountain
To remind them of our wanderings.
The sunset steals our youth.
We must depart.
We must follow the trail of the killerbird
Or else sleep the sleep of terror
TO generations hereafter
May they inherit our dream of the festival
We who smelt the acrid smell of death
Who saw the vultures leave our comrade's
We Bequeath to you the rays of the

They say,
a war only ends, when
another war begins:
the silence of the battlefield
heralds the widow's anguish
for, to set questions
is not as hard as finding answers......
Our war has ended
because war is now with us
the deserted houses, the fallen rafters
breed the city's slums
and the praise singers are not dead
they have only gone to the barracks......
the butchers fill the parliaments......
and the victims no longer die by bullets
but survive to pay the levies.....
Listen-----they will tell you---
to beat drums is mere children's play
the adult's is to start echoes......

Unclad SOLES
byADEOTI GBEmisola
A carnival of Unclad soles
dancing through blooming thorns
hopping with muffled shrill
on souls of thorns with glass chips
with ageing faces in puzzling smiles
drained of terror
a passerby points attention
to the horror locked in
lisping lips and clanging teeth
all dancing figures in a pool of spikes
and in procession they turn
into the forest of cactus
a painful passage along a pin ful path
hopping between pricks and tears
amidst chants and retorts
charming thunders of stripped soles
roared through our new acropolis
where pins and nails
and shattered shells of snails
pile from rooftop to floor
at the close of the carnival
we are left with regal strutting
on bare soles
and milk of bleakness
we are left with royal bearing
on thorn filled cushions
and wild faces behind ageing masks
from thrones of thorns.

Let me not to the marriage of true swine
Admit impediments. With his big car
He's won your heart, and you have
punctured mine.
I have no spare; henceforth I'll bear the scar.
Since women are not worth the booze you
buy them
I dedicate myself to Higher Things.
If men deride and sneer, I shall defy them
And soar above Tulse Hill on poet's wings --
A brother to the thrush in Brockwell Park,
Whose song, though sometimes drowned
by rock guitars,
Outlives their din. One day I'll make my mark,
Although I'm not from Ulster or from Mars,
And when I'm published in some classy mag
You'll rue the day you scarpered in his Jag.
-- Wendy Cope
Not only marble, but the plastic toys
From cornflake packets will outlive this
I can't immortalize you, love - our joys
Will lie unnoticed in the vault of time.
When Mrs. Thatcher has been cast in bronze
And her administration is a page
In some O-Level text-book, when the dons
Have analysed the story of our age,
When travel firms sell tours of outer space
When aeroplanes take off without a sound
And Tulse Hill has become a trendy place
And upper Norwood's on the underground
Your beauty and my name will be forgotten -
My love is true, but all my verse is rotten
-- Wendy Cope
SONNET Shakespeare
Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his
height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and
Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
(not yet complete)

The Journey of the Magi
"A cold coming we had of it,
Just the worst time of the year
For a journey, and such a long journey:
The was deep and the weather sharp,
The very dead of winter."
And the camels galled, sore-footed,
Lying down in the melting snow.
There were times we regretted
The summer palaces on slopes, the terraces,
And the silken girls bringing sherbet.
Then the camel men cursing and grumbling
And running away, and wanting their liquor
and women,
And the night-fires gong out, and the lack of
And the cities hostile and the towns
And the villages dirty, and charging high
A hard time we had of it.
At the end we preferred to travel all night,
Sleeping in snatches,
With the voices singing in our ears, saying
That this was all folly.
Then at dawn we came down to a
temperate valley,
Wet, below the snow line, smelling of
With a running stream and a water-mill
beating the darkness,
And three trees on the low sky,
And an old white horse galloped away in the
Then we came to a tavern with vine-leaves
over the lintel,
Six hands at an open door dicing for pieces
of silver,
And feet kicking the empty wine-skins.
But there was no information, and so we
And arrived at evening, not a moment too
Finding the place; it was (you may say)
All this was a long time ago, I remember,
And I would do it again, but set down
This set down
This: were we lead all that way for
Birth or Death? There was a Birth, certainly,
We had evidence and no doubt. I have seen
birth and death,
But had thought they were different; this
Birth was
Hard and bitter agony for us, like Death, our
We returned to our places, these Kingdoms,
But no longer at ease here, in the old
With an alien people clutching their gods.
I should be glad of another death.

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