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1. Save money on local honey
2. Boost your vegetable garden’s production
3. Save money on beeswax
4. Bee Pollen and Propolis are natural remedies
5. Sheer enjoyment and entertainment
1. Honey made locally from your own bees. The benefits of
honey are many, starting with the fact that it is an
excellent natural sweetener full of nutrients including
niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron,
magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.
Also, it doesn’t spoil, and can be used for a variety of
health benefits, such as soothing coughs, boosting
memory, treating wounds, potentially preventing low white
blood cell count caused by chemotherapy, relieving
seasonal allergies, killing antibiotic-resistant bacteria,
providing fuel for the body, and resolving scalp problems
and dandruff.
2.Wax, a product of bees. You can utilize the wax made in
your hive for candles, cosmetics, creams, lipstick, and lip
3.Pollination. Bees can help make your plants healthy as
they pollinate, as well as fruit trees in nearby orchards
which helps the local economy!
4. Low maintenance. Bees work hard without much effort
from you. Once your hive is up and running, it takes about
30 minutes a week for maintenance, and a bit more time
for collecting honey up to twice a year.
5.Rewarding experience. Being part of a natural life
process in which honeybees pollinate flowers and plants
and create beneficial honey is deeply gratifying!
6.Bee conservation. There are many factors that are killing
honeybees, and by keeping your own hives you can help
conserve bees and protect their habitat.
1. Buy the Bee
2.choose your hive system
3.gather beekeeping supplies
4.introduce bees to the hive
5.keep your bee healthy and happy
- Use a hybrid or cross bred female.
-Satisfy the nutritional requirements of the sow both in
pregnancy and lactation.
-Bring a healthy sow into the farrowing house.
-Achieve good birth weights.
-Ensure each pig receives maximum colostrum at birth
(Pick three)
(1)Separators Dairy Equipment.
(2)Homogenizer Dairy Equipment.
(3)Pasteurizers Dairy Equipment.
(4)Tanks Dairy Equipment
- Separators Dairy Equipment
- Homogenizer Dairy Equipment
- Pasteurizers Dairy Equipment
(Steps for Pasteurization of milk)
(1)Pour the raw milk into the stainless steel pot.
(2)Slowly heat the milk to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring occasionally
(3)Hold the temperature at 145 F for exactly 30 minutes.
(4)Remove the pot of milk from the heat and place it in a sink or large bowl filled with ice water.
(5)Store pasteurized milk in the refrigerator.
(1)They purchase product in bulk
(2)They provide storage facilities
(3)They provide good transport facilities
(4)They pass information from retailers to producer and vise versa
(1)They make produce readily available to the customers
(2)They provide jobs for many people
(3)They pass information from the consumers to the wholesalers
(4)They give credits to some consumers
(Pick three only)
-Marketing board
(1)The board provides an organised and ready market for various agricultural commoditie
(2)it helps to stabilise the prices of farm produce
(3)The board sometimes provides capital to farmers
(4)it advises and encourage farmers to adopt modern farming techniques
(5)it helps to transport the produce of the farmers
(Pick three only)
- co-operative society
(1)They stimulate competition in produce marketing by buying produce in bulk
(2)They have close contact with producers
(3)They reduce the inequality of income distribution by selling to members at reduced rate
(4)They also provide transportation services
(5)They grant loans to members
3a) Mouth --> egg hatches --> intestines --> larva
- it's bites can cause severe irritation
- heavy louse infestation can lead to restlessness
- Emaciation or loss of weight
- the sores may create room for pathogens to attack the animal
- Scratching for the bites results to sores
- heavy louse infestation can cause death
- isolate infected animals
- Avoid overcrowding of animals
- maintain good sanitation
- spray the animal host with insecticides
- Regular dipping of animals in solutions containing ascaricides
- poultry
- goat
- dog
- sheep
- cattle
- cattle
- Sheep
3bii) Protozoa (Eimeria spp)
- blood stained diarrhoea
- weakness
- Emaciation
- Anaemia
- change of litter after some time
- vaccination should be regular
- maintain good sanitary measures
- apply coccidiastat to their drinking water
Artificial pasture refers to an area of land covered with
forage grasses and legumes which are deliberately planted
by man.
(i) extend the growing season of a pasture
(ii) increase the organic matter content of the soil over
time because of grass root systems
(iii) reduce weed encroachment
(iv) reduce erosion
(v) produce higher yields
(vi) improve the palatability
(i) mixed production
(ii) intensive farming systems “landless”
(iii) extensive production system
-Mixed production:
(I) it includes both agriculture and livestock
(ii)it can be either intensive or extensive.
(iii)it used for exploitation of both irrigated or non-irrigated
land and they are common in some parts of America,
Europe and Asia.
-Intensive farming:
(i) it is mainly used for livestock.
(ii)it is used to breed pigs, chickens, laying hens, cattle and
even fish
(iii)they are common in north America, Europe and Asia
and in heavy populated areas in general, where the
demand for meat and proteins is very high.
-Extensive farming:
(i)it is used on large non-cultivated land where animals
can graze freely
(ii)it is use for cattle, to produce meat and milk, sheep and
(iii)It is more common in Central and South America
· Coffee brewing machine
· Coffee bean grinding machine
· Tea dispenser
· Bread slicing machine
· Salamander
· Hot cupboard
· Steamer and hotwater boiler
· Refrigertors
· Work table and cutting board
· General storage space, shelves and cupboards
· Sinks, washing machines
Zebu cattle are usually red or grey in colour
They are horned
They have loose skin
They have large ears and have a hump above their
This breed is used for its milk, meat and as draft animals
Choose any five
-the regulation of body temperature
-lubrication of joints excretion

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says there is no clash between its timetable and that of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) as being widely speculated and criticised.

The JAMB Registrar, Is’haq Oloyede, said at an interactive session with Editors in Lagos on Tuesday, that there was no basis for such speculation because the organisation was holding annual meetings with the examination bodies to reconcile areas of interest.

No Clash Between 2019 UTME and WAEC Timetables, Says JAMB
“We meet annually with WAEC, NECO and others to reconcile because we have the same target of education development,’’ he said.

He said those attacking him and the system out of ignorance would not succeed in distracting him from pursuing the target of ensuring national development through sound education for Nigerians.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) yesterday assured candidates sitting for the 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) that they would not be denied the opportunity of sitting for the examination.

Dr Fabian Benjamin, Head of Public Relations, JAMB, gave the assurance in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, amid fears of a clash in the timetable of West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and UTME.

Again, JAMB Assures Candidates of a Resolved Exam Schedule With WAEC
According to the timetable, WAEC students who are expected to write Animal Husbandry on April 11 by 9:00 a.m. are also expected to sit for the UTME the same day.

“We (JAMB) have met with the WAEC management and WAEC has just given us an assurance that there is no clash; that people don’t just understand the modus operandi of the timetable especially as it affects the practicals."

“The WAEC Practicals are in sections. There is no clash at all and that allegation of a clash in timetable is unfounded and baseless.

“WAEC has given us an assurance that it has accommodated all the fears of candidates. That the practical subjects are scheduled in sections in such a way that there would not be any clash at all.

“This is as a result of the meeting between the Head of the National Office of WAEC, Mr Isaac Adenipekun and JAMB Registrar, Ishaq Oloyede.

“JAMB examination takes just about two hours but what WAEC is saying is that candidates should go and be preparing for their examinations,’’ he said.

Benjamin also stated that JAMB was ready for the examination and “everything is in motion’’ to make it a success.

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Latest Gists In Town / ASUU in Taraba State, Resumes Indefinite Strike
« on: April 06, 2019, 01:02:50 am »
The Taraba State University chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, on Wednesday resumed an indefinite strike to accentuate its demands.

The union had embarked on a strike in 2018 but suspended it when the Taraba government promised to meet its demands which included the payment of earned academic allowances from 2014 till date, and the provision of required infrastructure to enhance teaching and learning

ASUU in Taraba State, Resumes Indefinite Strike
Dr Samuel Shikaa, the  ASUU chairman in the school, and Dr Atando Agbu, the Secretary, in a statement shortly after the Executive Council Meeting with national officials in earlyface, said that the teachers would remain at home until the demands were met.

Mr Ande Boyi, President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NASS), Taraba State University chapter, In a reaction to the strike has appealed to Gov. Darius Ishaku of Taraba to meet the union’s  demands to enable students continue with their studies.

This hilarious photo of a student from a school in South Africa has got people wondering if the student involved should be disciplined or congratulated for his ingenuity. According to the user who posted this picture, the boy's teachers forced him to remove his cardigan, and what she saw next was a total shock. It's safe to say that she never "experred" it.

The management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan at the early hours of Thursday announced the suspension of activities of the Student Union Government of the institution.

Announcing the management's decision, the Institutions spokesperson, Mr Adewole Soladoye said the suspension became necessary as the student union body had failed to obey and follow the rules guiding its activities on campus.

Ibadan Poly Orders Immediate Suspension of Student Union Activities
According to him, the management directed the immediate suspension because of the ongoing football competition which had been disturbing the peace of the institution ahead of next week’s examination. 

He urged the students, in general, to stay committed to their examination which begins shortly. He added that the management will not hesitate to punish anyone who flouts the rules guiding the institution.

National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) Timetable for the 2019 May/June National Business Certificate (NBC) and National Technical Certificate (NTC) examinations have been released. According to the timetable,  the exams will commence on Monday, 6th May, 2019  and end on Friday, 31st May, 2019.

See the detailed schedule for each of the subjects below;

NABTEB Timetable for May / June Exams

Information & Commmunications Technology (ICT)   Paper II Practical   Monday 06/05/2019   9.00a.m-12 noon
General Metal Work   Paper II Practical   Monday 06/05/2019   12:30 p.m-6:30p.m
Textile Trades (Surface Design & Textile Printing)   Paper II Practical   Monday 06/05/2019   12:30p.m-6:30p.m
Ladies Garment Making (Garment Construction and Finishing)   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9:00a.m-3:00p.m
Draughtsmanship Craft Practice (Draughtsmanship)   Paper II (Alt. to Practical)   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9:00a.m-12noon
Automobile Electrical Works   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Motor Vehicle Mechanics Works   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Electrical Installation and Maintenance Works   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9:00a.m-12noon
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Works   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9:00a.m-12noon
Carpentry and Joinery   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9:00a.m-3:00p.m
Leather Trades (Footwear Manufacture)   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9:00a.m-3:00p.m
Fabrication and Welding   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   To be arranged
Fisheries   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-12.00 noon
Photographic Practice   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Bricklaying, Blocklaying and Concreting   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-3.30p.m
Men’s Garment Making (Garment Construction and Finishing)   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-3.00p.m
Furniture Making   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-3.30pm
Textile Trades (Spinning)   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-3.00pm
Appliance Maintenance and Repairs (Electrical/Medical Appliances and projector Maintenance)   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Graphic Arts (Graphic Design)   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 07/05/2019   9.00a.m-4.00p.m
Marine Engineering Craft   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Plumbing and Pipe Fitting   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-3:00p.m
Ceramics (Ceramics and Design)   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9:00a.m-1:00p.m
Electronics Works   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Cosmetology   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-3.00p.m
Catering Craft Practice   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9:00a.m-4:00p.m
Leather Trades(Leather Tanning)   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9:00a.m-3:00p.m
Machine Wood Working   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-1.00p.m
Printing Craft Practice   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9:00a.m-3:00p.m
Painting and Decorating   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-3.00pm.
Textile Trades (Weaving)   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-3.00p.m
Instrument Mechanics Works   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Computer Craft Studies   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9:00a.m-12noon
Appliance Maintenance and Repairs (Domestic and Office Machines Maintenance)   Paper II Practical   Wednesday 08/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Animal Science   Paper II Practical   Thursday 09/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.00a.m
Vehicle Body Building   Paper II Practical   Thursday 09/05/2019   12:00noon-4.00pm
Light Vehicle Body Repair Works   Paper II Practical   Thursday 09/05/2019   12:00noon-4.00pm
Agricultural Equipment and Mechanics Works (Intro. to Agric Science, Implements and Machines)   Paper II Practical   Thursday 09/05/2019   12:00noon-3.00pm
Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice   Paper II Practical   Friday 10/05/2019   To be arranged
Geography   Paper II (Pract. & Phy. Geo.)   Friday 10/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.00a.m
Physics   Paper II Practical   Monday 13/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.45a.m
Basic Electricity   Paper II Practical   Monday 13/05/2019   1.00pm-4.00p.m
Chemistry   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 14/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:00a.m
Building/Engineering Drawing   Paper II Practical   Tuesday 14/05/2019   3:00p.m-6:00p.m
Biology   Paper II Practical   Wednsday 15/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.00a.m
Foundry Craft Practice   Paper II Practical   Wednsday 15/05/2019   To be arranged
Agricultural Science   Paper II Practical   Thursday 16/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.00a.m
General Wood Work   Paper II Practical   Thursday 16/05/2019   12:00noon-4.00pm
Textile Trades (Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing)   Paper II Practical   Thursday 16/05/2019   12:00noon-6.00pm
Shorthand (80 W. P. M.)   Passages   Thursday 16/05/2019   12:00noon-1.40pm
Animal Husbandry   Paper II Practical   Thursday 16/05/2019   12:00noon-2.30pm
Leather Trades (Leather Goods Manufacture)   Paper II Practical   Thursday 16/05/2019   12:00noon-6.00pm
Typewriting (35W.P.M)   Pratical   Friday 17/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Agricultural Equipment and Implement Mechanics Works (Tractor System)   Paper II Practical   Friday 17/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Ship Building Craft practice   Paper II Practical   Friday 17/05/2019   9.00a.m-12noon
Mathematics   Paper I Objective Paper II Essay   Monday 20/05/2019   9:00a.m-10:30a.m, 10.30am-1:00p.m
Information & Communications Technology (ICT)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 20/05/2019   3:00p.m-5:40p.m
English Language   Paper I Obj/Test of Orals Paper II Essay Writing Comprehension & Summary   Tuesday 21/05/2019   9.00a.m-10.40a.m 10.40am-1.10p.m
Civic Education   Objective & Essay   Tuesday 21/05/2019   3.00p.m-5.50p.m
Economics   Objective & Essay   Wednesday 22/05/2019   9.00a.m-12.20pm
Christain Religious Studies   Objective & Essay   Wednesday 22/05/2019   2.00p.m- 4.30p.m
Islamic Studies   Objective & Essay   Wednesday 22/05/2019   2.00p.m- 4.30p.m
Further Mathematics   Paper I Objective Paper II Essay   Thursday 23/05/2019   9:00a.m-10:45a.m, 10.45am-12:45p.m
Government   Objective & Essay   Thursday 23/05/2019   1.30p.m- 4.00p.m
Chemistry   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 24/05/2019   9.00a.m-11:30am
Agricultural Science   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 24/05/2019   3.00p.m-5.30p.m
Animal Science   Paper I Objective & Essay   Saturday 25/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.30a.m
Basic Electricity   Paper I Objective & Essay   Saturday 25/05/2019   12noon-2.40p.m
Computer Craft Studies   Paper I Objective & Essay   Saturday 25/05/2019   3:00p.m-5.40pm
Textile Trades (Spinning)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Saturday 25/05/2019   3:00p.m-5.40pm
Electronics Works   Paper I Objective & Essay   Saturday 25/05/2019   3:00p.m-5.40pm
Machine Wood Working   Paper I Objective & Essay   Saturday 25/05/2019   3:00p.m-5.40pm
General Metal Work   Paper I Objective & Essay   Saturday 25/05/2019   3:00p.m-5.40pm
Office Practice   Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-12:20p.m
Salesmanship   Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-12:20p.m
Graphic Arts (Graphic Design)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:10a.m
Instrument Mechanics Works   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:40a.m
(Electrical/Medical Appliances and Projectors Maintenance)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:40a.m
Leather Trades (Leather Goods Manufacture)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:10a.m
Tourism   Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:40a.m
Textile Trades (Bleaching, Dyeing & Finishing)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:40a.m
Animal Husbandry   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:40a.m
Fisheries   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:40a.m
Ceramic (Ceramic and Design)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:40a.m
Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   9:00a.m-11:40a.m
Literature-in-English   Paper I Objective & Prose   Monday 27/05/2019   12.30pm-2.30p.m
Geography   Paper I Objective & Essay   Monday 27/05/2019   3:00p.m-6:00p.m
Physics   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.45a.m
Agricultural Equipment and Implement Mechanics Works (Introduction to Agric Science, Implement and Machines)   Paper I Objective & Essay    Tuesday 28/05/2019    1:00p.m-4:10p.m
Financial Accounting   Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1.00p.m-4:30p.m
Plumbing & Pipe Fitting   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
Textile Trades (Surface Design & Textile Printing)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
Leather Trades (Footwear Manufacture)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:10p.m
Printing Craft Practice   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
Men’s Garment Making (Garment Construction and Finishing)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
General Wood Work   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Works   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
Appliance Maintenance and Repairs (Domestic and Office Machines Maintenance)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
Vehicle Body Building   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
Marine Engineering Craft   Paper I Objective & Essay   Tuesday 28/05/2019   1:00p.m-3:40p.m
Biology   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.20a.m
Fabrication and Welding   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-4.10p.m
Blocklaying, Bricklaying and Concreting   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-3.40p.m
Leather Trades ( Leather Tanning)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-3.10p.m
Photographic Practice   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-3.10p.m
Carpentry and Joinery   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-3.40p.m
Painting & Decorating   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-3.40p.m
Agric. Equipment & Implements Mechanics Works (Tractor System)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-4:10p.m
Textile Trades (Weaving)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-3.40p.m
Draughtsmanship Craft Practice (Draughtsmanship)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1.00p.m-3.40p.m
Commerce   Objective & Essay   Thursday 30/05/2019   1:00p.m-4:20p.m
Building /Engineering Drawing   Paper I Objective   Thursday 30/05/2019   5.00p.m-5.40p.m
Ship Building Craft Practice   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Electrical Installation and Maintenance Works   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Motor Vehicle Mechanics Works   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Catering Craft Practice   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Automobile Electrical Works   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Furniture Making   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Cosmetology   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Light Vehicle Body Repair Works   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Foundry Craft Practice   Paper I Objectice & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
Ladies Garment Making (Garment Construction and Finishing)   Paper I Objective & Essay   Friday 31/05/2019   9.00a.m-11.40a.m
 Introduction to Building Construction    Objective & Essay( To be taken by Trade codes 21O,25O,26O,and 27O candidates)    Friday 31/05/2019    9.00a.m-11.20a.m
Literature-in-English   Paper II Drama & Poetry   Friday 31/05/2019   3.00p.m-5.00p.m

As announced by JAMB, the printing of the 2019 UTME slip has commenced today April 4th, 2019. Candidates who applied for the 2019 UTME can now proceed to print their examination slips. The printing of exam slip is to enable you know your schedule for the exam i.e the exact date, time and venue.

Some candidates have already printed theirs via the e-service Portal:

JAMB 2019 UTME Slip Printing Begins
Some others have reported that they simply logged into their JAMB profile to see the link to reprint their exam Slip. You can check your profile to print yours, However, the official link has been activated by JAMB. If you are yet to print yours, see the steps on how you can do that below.

Steps To Print 2019 UTME Slip
Click on "UTME 2019 Examination Slip"
Enter your JAMB Reg Number, the Phone Number or email address used in registration where required
Click on "Print Examination Slip"  and proceed to view and print yours.

Post UTME | Admission News / How to Locate Your UTME CBT Centre
« on: April 06, 2019, 12:49:26 am »
Here's how to locate your centre

1. Print 2019 UTME Slip

Click on "UTME 2019 Examination Slip"
Enter your JAMB Reg Number, the Phone Number or email address used in registration where required
Click on "Print Examination Slip"  and proceed to view and print yours.
2. Find the examination centre on the UTME Slip

Below is a sample photo of a UTME slip. The examination centre can be seen below the blue arrow, and bound by a blue box.

Now that you know the name and address of your CBT centre, the next step to take is to physically locate the centre before the examination day. Take out time to locate your centre and get familiar with the route.

Inform your parents about the centre so they can accompany you in locating it.

Find out about directions to your centre from reliable people.

For a more techie solution, you can make use google maps or any navigation software you're comfortable with.

It is very important not to leave this task till the day of the exam to avoid stress, panicking and other negative emotions that can hinder your success in the exam.

Giant Beverages Limited is a new manufacturing company engaged in the production of natural and healthy non-alcoholic beverages. As a corporate entity, we produce products of the highest quality and are committed to delivering quality service to our customers. Giant Beverages drinks are produced with the finest natural ingredients to meet high quality standards. We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Labeller
Location: Lagos
Job Description

To ensure the smooth running of the machine.
To hand over machine in good condition to the incoming shift.
To ensure that 5S is maintained at all times around the machine area.
To always stop to fix issues in order to avert material wastages.
Ensure machine parameters are in order before commencing work.
To ensure daily production targets are met via hourly monitoring.
Must ensure that all leaks, air, water and oil are promptly fixed.

To ensure that the machine runs at the optimum speed at all times.
To always fill downtime sheets correctly, root causes identified and solutions proffered to avert reoccurrence.
Measure material variance by measuring the reject rate.
Ensure Packaging Materials are of right quality
Ensure final products are of the correct quality.
To always confirm that maintenance schedules are carried out accordingly.
To always operate the machine with the agreed OEE.
To make sure that Cleaning, Inspection, Lubrication and Tightening (CILT) carried out at least 30mins daily.

To ensure that all critical spares and wear parts are always available.
To be involved in maintenance activities carried out on the machine.
Must quickly report any breakdown more than 5mins.
To closely monitor the machine for unusual noise and readings.

To ensure that LOTO is observed for all machine interventions.
To report all near misses and incidents promptly to your HOD and Safety officer.
To always use the necessary PPEs at all times.
To make sure that all safety interlocks on the machine are functional.

OND/HND/B.Sc in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or its equivalent
At least 2years experience in similar position.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to:

Note: Those living in Ikorodu and environ or willing to relocate will be will be preferred


Application Deadline:  8th April, 2019.

Latest Jobs Vacancies / Rossland Group Latest Employment Opportunity
« on: April 06, 2019, 12:33:33 am »
Rossland Group since the year 2000 provides market research and management consulting services to clients in the private and public sectors within and outside Nigeria. In 2013, it expanded the scope of its services to include Professional Background Screening and Business Brokerage. In 2015 and 2016, it added franchise consulting and recruitment services respectively. We are recruiting for the position below:

Job Title: Sales Executive
Location: Abuja
Job Requirements

B.Sc or equivalent in any related field
Excellent Communication Skills
Skilled Costumer Care Representative.
Relevant previous working experience
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: using the Job title and location as the Subject of the Email.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Application Deadline:  10th April, 2019.

Dominion Consulting Nigeria’s Dominion is a full cycle Management Consulting, Accounting and creative solution company that works with SMEs, large corporations, religious bodies, NGOs, public sectors, health providers, FMCG, I.T, Automobile, academic institutions, financial institutions and investment houses, local and international organisations in Africa. We are positioned to optimise business performance in sales, marketing, strategy, leadership. Consultants and partners of Dominion Consulting have helped over 100 businesses grow systematically in the last 10 years through our well-thought out consultancy services.
We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Female Client Engagement Officer
Location: Lagos
Job Description/Responsibilities

Maintain good relationship with existing clients
Effectively handle and resolve clients concerns and support issues
Create content and manage the social media of the company and its allied businesses
Prospect new partners and expand our number of accounts.
Cold call and email prospects for possible engagement
Perform other job functions as assigned
The Person we are looking for:

Must be able to multi-task under tight deadlines.
Be self-motivated and have penchant for excellence
Be a graduate of English Language, History & International Relations, International Marketing or any other related fields.
Qualified and interested applicants must reside around Ikeja, Ogba, Ketu, Ojodu, Berger, Magodo GRA environs.
Have at least 2 years of productive experience in sales and customer service.
Must be team player and a problem-solver.
Have strong executive communication skills

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to:


Application Deadline:  6th April, 2019.

Ecscorp Resources Limited is a solution engineering firm with over 17 years of business improvement; we understand how to build an optimized business environment.
Our business is driven by passion and the spirit of friendliness; we harness the power of creativity and technology to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions in order to increase productivity. We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Administrative Assistant
Location: Lagos
Job Description

Administrative Assistant duties include providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office.
Supports managers and employees through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication. Responsible for confidential and time sensitive material.
Familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices and procedures.
Ability to effectively communicate via phone and email ensuring that all Administrative Assistant duties are completed accurately and delivered with high quality and in a timely manner.
May direct and lead the work of others. Rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals and a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Typically reports to a manager or head of a unit/department.

Answer and direct phone calls
Organize and schedule meetings and appointments
Maintain contact lists
Produce and distribute correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms
Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports
Order office supplies
Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies
Cover the reception desk when required
Maintain computer and manual filing systems
Handle sensitive information in a confidential manner
Take accurate minutes of meetings
Coordinate office procedures
Develop and update administrative systems to make them more efficient.
Book travel arrangements
Submit and reconcile expense reports
Provide general support to visitors
Provide information by answering questions and requests
Take dictation
Research and creates presentations
Generate reports
Handle multiple projects
Prepare and monitor invoices
Develop administrative staff by providing information, educational opportunities and experiential growth opportunities
Ensure operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; calling for repairs; maintaining equipment inventories; evaluating new equipment and techniques
Maintain supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies; placing and expediting orders for supplies; verifying receipt of supplies

Proven admin or assistant experience
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Strong organizational and planning skills
Proficient in MS Office
BSc in relevant fields.
Knowledge of office management systems and procedures
Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
Attention to detail and problem solving skills
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to:

Enugu State Fire Service – Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates for the position below in the Enugu State Fire Service, Ministry of Rural Development, Enugu State:
Job Title: Fire Officer II – GL 08
Location: Enugu

Job Requirements

Candidates must possess first Degree in Building/Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering from a recognized University.
Age between 18-35 years
Height: Candidates must be at least 1.56 meters (5ft 6ins)
Expanded chest measurement: 24ins
Candidate with flat foot, those who have undergone major surgical operation or have eye defect are not eligible.
Only male candidate need to apply
Candidate must physically, mentally and medically fit.


Job Title: Fireman I – GL 04
Location: Enugu

Job Requirements
Candidates must possess any of the following qualifications:

G.C.E O/L with four credits obtained in one sitting or five credits at two sittings in relevant subjects.
West African School Certificate or Senior Secondary School Certificate or NECO with passes in English language, Mathematics, Chemistry and one other science subject.
Age between 18-30 years
Height: candidates must be at least 1.56 meters
Expanded chest measurement: 24ins
Candidate with flat foot, those who have undergone major surgical operation or have eye defect are not eligible.
Only male candidate need to apply
Candidate must physically, mentally and medically fit

Job Title: Leading Fireman (Driver) – GL 05
Location: Enugu

Job Requirements
Candidates must possess any of the following qualifications:

G.C.E O/L with four credits obtained in one sitting or five credits at two sittings in relevant subjects plus valid professional driving license, class III Trade Test Certificate for Motor Mechanic work and cognate driving experience.
West African School Certificate or Senior Secondary School Certificate or NECO with passes in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry and one other science subject plus valid professional driving license, class III Trade Test Certificate for motor Mechanic work and cognate driving experience.
Age: between 18-35 years
Height: candidates must be at least 1.56 meters (5ft 6ins).
Expanded chest measurement: 24ins
Candidate with flat foot, those who have undergone major surgical operation or have eye defect are not eligible.
Only male candidate need to apply
Candidate must physically, mentally and medically fit

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates are requested to address their Applications with contact address and number with the following document stated below to:
The Honourable Commissioner,
Ministry of Rural Development, New State Secretariat,
Enugu State.

The following documents include:

Local Government Identification Letter
Evidence of Age declaration
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) – Mandatory.
Other relevant education qualification to the position of interest
Application Deadline: 25th April, 2019.

nly the short-listed candidates would be contacted for written examinations.

Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) Limited, which has remained a milestone in Nigeria’s automobile industry, was conceived in 1969 by the then Federal Military Government under the leadership of General Yakubu Gowon. We manufacture and distribute reliable vehicles for the satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders. We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Demonstrator, Mechanical
Ref No: PANDMECH042019
Location: Kaduna
Job Division/Department/Unit: Automotive Technology
Reports To: Instructor, Mechanical

Job Objectives

Facilitates practical demonstration of learning and instruction in Auto Mechanical to trainees undergoing Technical training in PLC.
Key Job Responsibilities

Maintains safe and healthy training environment by following organization standards and legal regulations.
Conducts practical demonstration of auto mechanical learning instruction in the workshop.
Provides guidance and coaching to trainees during classes and simulation exercises.
Education & Experience

OND in Mechanical Engineering. C&G or any relevant technical qualification will confer an added advantage.
1-2 years of cognate experience.
Working knowledge of Technical training and the capacity development sector is of critical advantage.
Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of general automobile maintenance
Ability to interpret electrical wiring/schematic diagrams
Knowledge of auto air-conditioning maintenance
Communication skills
Computer skills.
Job Title: Demonstrator, Mechatronics
Job ID: PANDMNCS042019
Location: Kaduna
Job Division/Department/Unit: Automotive Technology
Reports to: Instructor, Mechatronics

Job Objectives

Facilitates practical demonstration of learning and instruction in Auto Mechatronics to trainees undergoing Technical training in PLC.
Key Job Responsibilities

Maintains safe and healthy training environment by following organization standards and legal regulations.
Conducts practical demonstration of Auto Mechatronics learning instruction in the workshop.
Provides guidance and coaching to trainees during classes and simulation exercises.
Education & Experience

OND in Electrical Engineering. C&G or any relevant technical qualification will confer an added advantage.
1-2 years of cognate experience.
Working knowledge of Technical training and the capacity development sector is of critical advantage.
Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of general automobile maintenance
Ability to interpret electrical wiring/schematic diagrams
Knowledge of auto air-conditioning maintenance
Communication skills
Computer skills.

Job Title: Demonstrator, Welding & Panel Beating
Ref No: PANDWPB042019
Location: Kaduna
Job Division/Department/Unit: Body Works
Reports To: Instructor, Panel Beating & Welding

Job Objectives

Facilitates practical demonstration of learning and instruction in Welding & Panel Beating to trainees undergoing Technical training in PLC.
Key Job Responsibilities

Maintains safe and healthy training environment by following organization standards and legal regulations.
Conducts practical demonstration of welding & panel beating learning instruction in the workshop.
Provides guidance and coaching to trainees during classes and simulation exercises.
Education & Experience

National Technical Certificate. C&G or any relevant technical qualification will confer an added advantage.
1-2 years of cognate experience.
Working knowledge of Technical training and the capacity development sector is of critical advantage.
Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of automotive welding & panel beating
Communication skills
Computer skills.

Job Title: Demonstrator, Type & Wheel Service
Ref Id: PANDTWS042019
Location: Kaduna
Job Division/Department/Unit: Automotive Technology
Reports To: Instructor, Tyre & Wheel Services

Job Objectives

Facilitates practical demonstration of learning and instruction in Tyre & Wheel Services to trainees undergoing Technical training in PLC.
Key Job Responsibilities

Maintains safe and healthy training environment by following organization standards and legal regulations.
Conducts practical demonstration of tyre & wheel services learning instruction in the workshop.
Provides guidance and coaching to trainees during classes and simulation exercises.
Education & Experience:

ND Mechanical Engineering. C&G or any relevant technical qualification will confer an added advantage.
Working knowledge of Technical training and the capacity development sector is of critical advantage.
Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of operation & maintenance of electro-mechanical systems
Proficiency in use of tyre service machine and carrying out wheel alignment operations
Communication skills
Computer skills.
Job Title: Quality Assurance Officer
Ref Id: PANQAO042019
Location: Kaduna
Job Division/Department/Unit: PAN Learning Centre (PLC)
Reports To: Head, Quality Assurance

Job Objectives

Assures consistent high quality of training through validation of training processes and provision of necessary documentation
Key Job Responsibilities

Aids the implementation of Quality Assurance policies & procedures
Measures performance and ensures policies & procedures meet stipulated quality standards
Ensures that the Centre s training standards meet stakeholders  expectation
Works along with Head, Quality Assurance and other staff to develop new training methods/curriculum
Reviews current standards and policies
Monitors & tracks training administration objective delivery
Facilitates theory & practical sessions in Technical and Vocational training as required
Prepares handouts and lesson plans for all assigned modules.
Education & Experience:

HND/BSc Mechanical Engineering.
1-2 years of cognate experience.
Working knowledge of Technical training and the capacity development sector is of critical advantage.
Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Excellent technical skills in auto based engineering
Knowledge of relevant regulatory requirements
Planning & organizational skills
Training administration & evaluation
Good team-handling abilities
Excellent work attitude
Thorough knowledge of work, health and safety
Excellent communication and time management skills
Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply


Application Deadline: 8th April, 2019.

Rainoil Limited is an integrated downstream oil and gas company. A prominent player in the Nigerian industry, the company’s operations span across the downstream value chain i.e. Petroleum Product Storage,  Haulage/Distribution and Retail Sales. Our primary products include Petrol (PMS), Diesel (AGO) and Kerosene (DPK).
We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Retail Sales Executive
Ref Id: RO-00072
Location: Lagos
Job Type: Full Time
Job Summary

To monitor actual sales against budget and ensure that retail outlets have the required resources to meet these targets.
To contribute to maintaining a positive brand image for Rainoil by ensuring service delivery at all stations comply with defined group standards
Duties and Responsibilities

Drive implementation of sales budget within retail outlet
Verifies all stations requests in line with approved budget and controls
Maintains excellent standards in all retail activity,  driving sales and profitability through the effective implementation of budget
Identifies objectives, strategies and action plans to improve short- and long-term sales and earnings
Identifies opportunities and drives initiatives to expand the revenue drivers at stations
Implements measures to effectively track and address customer feedback and complaints
Monitors retail stations’ inventory reports to ensure products are always available at outlet
Provides direct oversight to station managers, guidance on service, performance, operational standards and requirements
Monitors and evaluates station operational and marketing results, and develops interventions to promote business development and growth
Reports to the Head, Rainoil Sales & Marketing on overall and agreed station performance metrics
Provides various resources as required by the stations to ensure staff are productively engaged
Qualifications Required

Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree/HND in a Social science, Accounting, Finance or Engineering or related discipline is required
Minimum of Two (2) years’ relevant experience in the Sales or Distribution department of a similar organisation with functional leadership of at least 4 in a management role.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply


Application Deadline:  8th April, 2019.

Procter and **** is one of the largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company in the world with strong brands like Pampers, Ariel, Always, Gillette and Oral B just to name a few. We have been in existence for over 179 years globally and 24 years in Nigeria. We are recruiting to fill the vacant position below:

Job Title: Finance and Accounting Intern
Req No: FIN00004469
Location: Lagos
Job Type: Full-time

Job Descriptions
Did you know that an internship at P&G offers you the chance to test your finance skills and management abilities in real-life situations? This is a unique opportunity to obtain insights into the world of finance in a fast-moving consumer goods company and benefit from:

Business topics at the heart of today’s news – Evolving channels (Discounters, E-commerce), competition, and customers’ reality makes working in FMCG very dynamic every single day!
Recognized Financial leadership – Finance people are part of every multi-functional team and we are key actors in business development and the decision-making process.
Your Role as an Intern in F&A:

Analyzing major competitors, to refine business strategies for our products
Working on a new product launches / initiatives, co-assessing the financial impacts with the brand management and sales team and guiding your multi-functional partners through financially optimized plans
Explore business opportunities within new channels (E-commerce, Discounters)
Improving cost competitiveness for our manufacturing activities
We are looking for:

Recent graduates with B.Sc in either Accounting or Economics only.
Strong academic results coupled with Finance interest/passion
Leadership and strategic analysis thinking skills
Excellent collaboration skills and ability to work across diverse organizations and teams.
Good command of the English language and MS Office tools
Just so you know:

Candidates must have at least 6 months free period for the Internship program before their NYSC start date
We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. Our mission of Diversity and Inclusion is: “Everyone valued. Everyone included. Everyone performing at their peak”.
What We Offer

Responsibilities as of Day 1 – you will feel the ownership of your project from the beginning, and you will be given specific projects and responsibilities
Continuous coaching & mentoring – you will work with passionate people and receive both formal training as well as day-to-day mentoring from your manager
Dynamic and respectful work environment – employees are at the core; we value every individual and encourage initiatives promoting agility and work/life balance

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

Latest Jobs Vacancies / Save the Children Available Job Opportunity
« on: April 06, 2019, 12:23:25 am »
Save the Children is a leading international organization helping children in need around the world. First established in the UK in 1919, separate national organizations have been set up in more than twenty-eight countries, sharing the aim of improving the lives of children through education, health care and economic opportunities, as well as emergency aid in cases of natural disasters, war and conflict.

In Nigeria, Save the Children has been working since 2001. The early focus was on getting children actively involved in shaping the decisions that affect their lives. Today, Save the Children is working in seven federal states – Zamfara, Yobe, Jigawa, Katsina, Kano, Bauchi and Kaduna – focusing on providing basic healthcare and protecting children.
We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Consultant – Conduct KAP Survey
Ref Id: 190000T8
Locations: Cross River and Benue
Employee Status: Fixed Term

Save the Children has been working in Nigeria since 2001. The early focus was on getting children actively involved in shaping the decisions that affect their lives.  Today, SC is working in 20 states focusing on child survival, education and protecting children in both development and humanitarian contexts. The humanitarian response started in 2014 with Save the Children among one of the first responders to the conflict.

According to the UNHCR, since 2016 more than 32,000 Cameroonians have fled to neighbouring Nigeria. The majority of these people are women and children, including unaccompanied and separated minors. Cameroonians arriving in Nigeria rely on scarce local resources including insufficient food and public services. Tensions between new arrivals and their host communities are high as Nigeria struggles with its own conflict, internal displacements and widespread poverty.

The lack of proper sanitation facilities and use of proper hygiene practices can create a dangerously favourable environment for the transmission of diseases such as cholera or acute watery diarrhea. Each year over a half of a million children in the world under age 5 die from diarrhea, and thousands more succumb to malaria, cholera, parasites and related diseases. Much of this is attributable to unsafe drinking water, limited access to appropriate sanitation and poor hygiene practices.

Save the Children as a partner with UNHCR aims to address through this project the inadequate access to water for refugees in camps and host communities, non-availability or non-existence of sanitation services (latrines, etc.), poor hygiene practices and open defecation in Croos-river and Benue States. The overall goal of the project is the transformation of essential basic Water and Sanitation services in Adagom LGA (Ogoja, Cross river State) and Kwande LGA (Benue State) into a sustainable model that will gradually integrate into the government service delivery. The project will also build the capacity of refugees to attain self-reliance and sustainable solutions ensuring that children are well protected and have access to various services in target communities in Adagom and Kwande LGAs of Ben

Save the Children actions focuses on developing enhanced infrastructure and promoting behavior change activities in households, health care settings and schools to reduce diarrhea and other diseases in children under age 5. SCI will collaborate with partners in other sectors in the delivery of the WASH intervention. Specifically, the intervention will establish and strengthen relationships with the education, health and protection partners to deliver an inclusive and integrated water, sanitation and hygiene response. SCI will work with the relevant existing government institutions to enhance collaboration and sustainability of the response.

Survey Objectives
General Objective:

To determine knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) of risks and practices of refugees pertaining to water, sanitation and hygiene and child protection for children and their families in Adagom LGA (Ogoja, Cross river State) and Kwande LGA (Benue State).
Specific Objectives:

To identify current levels of community access to and practices related to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.
Provide information on people’s knowledge, attitude and practices that will allow the development of programme’s Behavioural Change and Communication/Communication for Development activities.
Provide disaggregated data and information on programme indictors in the context.
To ascertain the people’s perception on child protection, safety and their dignity in these communities

The survey will employ both qualitative and quantitative approaches to establish the knowledge, attitude and practices of at least the minimum core WASH and Child protection indicators. Consultant is expected to submit a detailed methodology in proposal.
UNHCR is currently relocating refugees from host communities in Ogoja and Kwande LGAs to camps
The KAP survey will be conducted in Ogoja, Cross river State (Adagom LGA) and Benue State (Kwande LGA), Nigeria.

Conduct KAP survey: Train data enumerators and supervisors, ensure the quality of data;
Undertake consultations with key stakeholders and conduct field data collection; Focus group discussions, Key informant interviews, etc.
Process and analyse the data, write and submit a draft report of the survey (per required format)
Present preliminary findings to the SCI and community groups
Present the draft report of the findings to SCI for comments and feedbacks.
Revise and submit electronic copy of the raw data and final report including recommendations within the specified time of agreement.
To develop and submit inception report (Protocol) which will include an interpretation of the study design & methodologies, sampling procedures, detailed work plan and financial proposal.
Conduct a desk review of the relevant program documents
Develop appropriate tools and instruments for gathering information by use of KOBO data kit
Develop and translate data collection tool to the local language.
Present the KAP Methodology to the various WASH sector technical groups in target communities for validation.
Hold preliminary discussions with head of sectors, M&E manager and relevant key stakeholders.
SCI Responsibilities:

Providing consultant with necessary documentations for desk review
Linking the consultant to relevant stakeholders
Identify and Hire supervisors and interviewer’s/data collectors.
Facilitate the movement of the consultant and team to and from the field
Accommodation will be provided by SCI during the period of consultancy
Qualification Required

The consultant should be a holder of at least Master’s Degree in Public Health, WASH other related field and five years of relevant work experience.
Work Experience:

Sound experience and knowledge of Humanitarian Accountability framework (HAF), evaluation of integrated projects/programs and drawing lessons learned/good practices.
Computer literacy in MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint, digital data gathering devices. Excellent writing and document presentation skills.
Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines.
Ability to live and work in an isolated area in conditions of limited comfort
Minimum of five years working experience in conducting KAP WASH assessments (Experience in Nigeria context is desirable).
Strong analytical skills and research experience, with solid knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
Proven leadership and coordination skills.
Excellent knowledge of and experience with humanitarian guidelines and principles.

Fluency in English is essential. Knowledge of local languages is an added advantage.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

Application Required
All expressions of interest should include:

Cover letter: A short (maximum one page) letter addressing the survey criteria
Technical Proposal (maximum 4 pages) highlighting: brief explanation about previous experience in conducting the WASH programme evaluation; understanding of the TOR, description of the specified Survey methodology and the task to be accomplished as well as draft survey framework and work plan.
Detailed CV (maximum 4 pages)
A financial proposal (in USD) providing cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees.
Copies of relevant previous evaluation reports (to be kept confidential).

Application Deadline: 8th April, 2019.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is a United Nations office that was established in 1997 as the Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention by combining the United Nations International Drug Control Program (UNDCP) and the Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Division in the United Nations Office at Vienna. It is a member of the United Nations Development Group and was renamed the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in 2002. We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Admin/Finance Assistant
Job ID: 22480
Location: Abuja
Grade: SB3
Vacancy Type: Service Contract (SC)
Contract Duration: 1 year with possibility of extension
Practice Area – Job Family: Management – Administration, Management – Finance

The Nigerian Country Office has been able to secure GEF funds of about USD$13,000,000 over a period of five (5) years to implement the Sound Management of PCBs in Nigeria covering the 36 states of the Federation and the Integrated Approach Programme to Food Security in Nigeria (IAP-FS) in seven northern states of the country.
The objectives of the PCB project is to assist Nigeria to implement a sound management system for PCBs and other POPs. The project intends to decontaminate 1500 metric tons of PCB-contaminated electrical equipment and to dispose of 200 metric tons of pure PCB from transformers and capacitors.  The establishment of state-of-the-art analytical laboratories in Nigeria and the acquisition of the decontamination and dechlorination systems will allow PCB owners to complete the identification and proper treatment and disposal of the PCBs that will remain in the country beyond the duration of the project. For the food security project, the objectives is to to enhance long-term sustainability and resilience of food production systems in Nigeria, building greater community resilience to climate risks and other shocks that drive food insecurity.
In implementing, a lot of capacity building activities through workshops, meetings and dialogues would be done in different states across the nation and as a result, the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Unit, under which the two projects reside is looking to recruit a project associate at SB3/3 grade level to assist in the implementation and coordination of the activities at the state level. The GEF  Portfolio Associate will be locally recruited based on an open competitive process. He/she will be primarily responsible for the financial administration and/or additional support of the project (contractual, organizational, procurement, logistical, etc.)  actions of the GEF funded PCB and Food Security Programme and will be supervised by the Team Leader of the Environment, Energy & Climate Change unit. Generally, the Portfolio Associate will be responsible for supporting the Team Leader in meeting government obligations under the project, under the national implementation modality (NIM).
Duties and Responsibilities

The GEF Portfolio Administrative Assistant will work in close collaboration with the Programme, Operations, Communications and other project teams in the Country Office (CO) for effective achievement of results, anticipating and contributing to resolving complex programme/project-related issues and information delivery.
The incumbent is expected to exercise full compliance with UNDP programming, financial, procurement and administrative rules, regulations, policies and strategies, as well as implementation of the effective internal control systems.The portfolio associate will:
Financial management:

Prepare payment requests in a timely manner, monitor disbursement of monthly payments for GEF projects in the unit;
Track and report project expenditures monthly for the GEF portfolio (and each individual projects);
Maintain and improve databases for the Project’s that accurately report on progress and decisions, highlight issues, and are suitable for analysing data,
Assist in the preparation of payments requests for operational expenses, salaries, insurance, etc. against project budgets and work plans;
Support the preparations of project work-plans and operational and financial planning processes;
Monitor project activities, budget and financial expenditures and maintain a proper record of approved project budgets and their revisions;
Advise and assist international advisors and national consultants on all aspects of allowances, travel claims and other financial matters and calculate payments due for claims and services;
Undertake procurement actions for GEF portfolio,
Provide necessary backstopping on administrative actions,
Prepare and translate necessary documents, reports to donors, UNDP, Programme Board, and others as relevant;
Follow-up on timely disbursements by UNDP CO;
Administrative management:

Pro-actively contribute to day-to-day project implementation and ensure conformity to expected results and project work-plans;
Maintain project correspondence and communication;
Maintain project filing system;
Maintain records on all project personnel/national consultants and their respective status (contracts, ToRs, time and attendance – if appropriate, etc.) in accordance with accepted policies and procedures;
Assist in logistical organization of meetings, training and workshops;
Collect, register and maintain all information on the two GEF project activities;
Contribute to the preparation and implementation of progress reports;
Prepare agendas and arrange field visits, appointments and meetings both internal and external related to the project activities and write minutes from the meetings;

In accordance with the Work Plan arrange for procurement of equipment, supplies and services – create and manage e-requisitions in ATLAS;
Ensure that contractual processes follow the stipulated UNDP procedures;
Physically clear and ensure delivery of equipment and supplies procured for the various programme sites;
Maintain records over project equipment inventory

Overall finances for the two GEF Projects successfully managed,
Provide timely payments for all beneficiaries of the programme,
Provide qualitative financial reports for each GEF project,
Assist Project Managers for each of the projects on budget revision.

At least 90% of the budget delivered annually
Reimbursements are made on timely manner,
Financial database well managed.
Education & Work Experience

G-Bachelor’s Level Degree – 3 year(s) experience
Languages Required:

Desired: English (Fluency in English)
Required Skills and Experience:

Excellent computer skills, in particular mastery of all applications of the MS Office package;
Excellent written communication skills; and
A good working knowledge of Atlas/SAP/SAGE Platform would be an added advantage.
Corporate Competencies:

Demonstrate commitment to UNDP’s mission, vision and values;
Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
Shares knowledge and experience;
Actively works towards continuing personal learning, acts on learning plan and applies newly acquired skills
Development and Operational Effectiveness:

Proven ability to problem-solve and think creatively to develop and implement smart business solutions in a challenging socio-economic environment;
Focuses on result for the client and responds positively to feedback;
Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude;
Remains calm, in control and good humoured even under pressure;
Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities
Ability to establish and maintain contacts with senior-level officials of the host government required. Excellent interpersonal skills are essential part of the job.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, is required to obtain, evaluate and interpret factual data and to prepare accurate and complete reports and other documents. Leadership and Self-Management


How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidate should:
Click here to apply

Note: UNDP reserves the right to select one or more candidates from this vacancy announcement.  We may also retain applications and consider candidates applying to this post for other similar positions with UNDP at the same grade level and with similar job description, experience and educational requirements


Application Deadline:  15th April, 2019.

Stanbic IBTC Bank is a leading African banking group focused on emerging markets globally. It has been a mainstay of South Africa’s financial system for 150 years, and now spans 16 countries across the African continent. Standard Bank is a firm believer in technical innovation, to help us guarantee exceptional client service and leading edge financial solutions. Our growing global success reflects our commitment to the latest solutions, the best people, and a uniquely flexible and vibrant working culture. To help us drive our success into the future, we are looking for resourceful individuals to join our dedicated team at our offices. We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Regional Client Service Manager (SIPML)
Job ID: 38769
Location: North-West, Kaduna
Job Sector: Banking

Job Purpose

The Regional Client Services Manager role is required to ensure all locations within the Region are well resourced, adequately manned by skilled staff with appropriate knowledge to attend to any number of client enquiries, pension applications and complaints.
The Regional Client Service Manager (RCSM) also recommends operational initiatives to improve the effectiveness of locations in order to ensure proper receipt of documentation for pension applications, provision of professional advice and guidance on such applications as well as superior quality of Client experience within the Region.
Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
Customer Service:

Deliver a consistently acceptable superior quality of customer experience within the Region by:
Building and maintaining effective operational structures and teams, who are sufficiently competent, skilled, trained and motivated.
Building and maintaining key stakeholder relationships, ensuring buy-in/support of and alignment with Alliance Partner locations within the Region
Ensuring the necessary Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are well defined and agreed to and that the service levels are monitored for exceptions and where found, corrective measures are promptly employed.
Supervise closely the Client Service Officers (CSOs) to ensure correct documents are received from clients within the regions and are forwarded to the head office within defined SLAs.
Take ownership of client complaints and work with relevant units to resolve them promptly.

Ensure CSOs and PBBs are well equipped with correct information to attend to clients on various levels of enquiries such as:
Retirement Savings Account
Approved Existing Schemes
Transitional Contributory Fund (TCF)
Services to Retirees
PenCom regulations and guidelines etc.
Daily management of Client Service Officers through:
Conducting operational process compliance checks
Performance management process
Up-skilling with appropriate job training.
Processes & Reporting:

Review and analyze Client Service Officer reports on client traffic / activities (within the region) to identify key issues, resolve exceptions and escalate issues that are Material, Unusual & Difficult to National.
Ensure the Customer’s experience, as it relates to any part or activity within the business at locations within the region are regularly reported back to the business, learnt from and improved upon.
Take full accountability for all locations within the Region inclusive of Alliance Partners locations, and escalations from Client Service Officers.
Maintain records of client activity within the Region (enquiries, requests, pension applications, complaints etc.)
Ensure appropriate tracking/monitoring and reports are made available to allow for informed decisions and early identification of adverse trends.
Preferred Qualification and Experience

First Degree in any Field of Study
Professional certification is an added advantage
Business Support – Client Servicing
4-6 years experience
Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
Mind of Customer Experience:

Within the Standard Bank Customer Experience Framework, is competent and skilled to enhance the customer experience: the ability to educate a customer.
Attitude of Customer Experience:

Within the Standard Bank Customer Experience Framework, the ability to represent the values of Standard Bank, take ownership and show passion for customer service.
Verbal Communication:

The ability to use language in a business context to clearly express ideas and transfer concepts to others.
Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply


Job Title: Wealth Collaboration Manager – SIPML
Job ID: 38791
Location: Lagos Island, Lagos
Job Sector: Banking

Job Purpose

The holder is responsible for ensuring that users Network, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network and IP Phones issues are attended to promptly and within SLA.
S/He is to provide network and voice support for Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited offices nationwide.
S/He is responsible for administering the company’s Internet access, maintain integrity of the network, administer and maintain Contact Center Applications.
Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
The Wealth Group:

Drive collaboration between the Wealth Group companies and the Bank with the objective of increasing corporate client coverage
Generate sales leads to achieve client acquisition targets and increase assets under management for each business under the Wealth Group by harnessing opportunities from the Client Coverage database
Develop a comprehensive understanding of the products and services of the individual businesses in the Wealth Group
Ensure sales lead generation targets are met
Promote cross-selling of the Group’s products by providing referrals to the respective sales teams/branches
Provide relevant feedback to assist strategic planning and decision making
The Client:

Provide sound wealth management advice to corporate and individual clients with regards to their long-term wealth management, insurance, estate and retirement planning needs
Work with the respective Sales teams to prepare pitches for clients and prospects
Act as a liaison between the Wealth Group and the Bank.
Regulatory, Audit & Compliance:

Ensure compliance with KYC requirement with emphasis on completion of Account Opening documents and fulfilment of standard regulatory and compliance guidelines with respect to clients’ requests and documentation
Key Performance Measures:

Drive sales to the Pension, Asset Management, Insurance Brokers and Trustee businesses through effective collaboration with the Bank
Integrity of the brand
100% KYC documentation
Develop an up-to-date understanding of the businesses across the Wealth Group
Constant generation of new leads and conversion of these leads to sales from the CIB and PBB databases
Excellent customer service experience
Project a positive image of the Wealth Group that depicts professionalism and engenders confidence in the minds of clients regarding their investments.
Internal & External Relationships
Internal Relationships:

Wealth Business Development Teams
Fund Managers
SIBTC Client Coverage team
External relationships:

Existing Group Clients
Potential Clients
Preferred Qualification and Experience

Candidate must possess a minimum of first degree in any discipline
Post Graduate Qualification/Professional Certification will be an added advantage
Candidate must have a minimum of 6 years relevant experience
Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise:

Strategic Orientation
Commercial Orientation
Consulting & Relationship Management skills
Customer service skills
Ms Office suite proficiency
Financial and Management skills
Risk Management
Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply

At talentsqr (RC 1453480), we are helping to find, grow and keep the remarkable assemblage of talent who are potential leaders in various fields as well as emerging specializations. We are champions of great organization culture and values, partnering with key business owners or hiring managers to help them build their organizations. Whether consulting for clients on how to build their teams, recruiting the right people, managing talents or developing programs for them – we are exceptionally focused on putting people (talent) first, and being as clear and transparent as possible to help our client’s understand how people are important to their business performance. We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Project Officer (Farm Operations)
Locations: Lagos, Bauchi and Jos-Plateau
Job Type: Full-time

Job Description

The Project Officer forms part of our client’s business operations team and will be responsible for the overall on-ground support and implementation of the business plans. The Project Officer will lead on the design and implementation phase of the Farming component, providing technical advisory, farming and model/mechanism that are appropriate to the beneficiaries (Farmers).
He/she will establish partnerships with local sorghum farmers, farmer cooperatives and agricultural stakeholders, and working closely with relevant actors to ensure success to the market and adoption by farmers in the selected parts of the country.
The ideal candidate will manage farmer mobilization of about 500 farmers during the months June – August. They would also take on the responsibility of finding farmers who want to join the network based on data collected, assess farmers, assess farmers output and document what support farmers needs.
He/ She will work in close collaboration with the Founder who will lead and guide the project with regard to its business component.
During the months of Aug – October they would assist with the purchase of goods and logistics; and, support collection and delivery with possibly over 100 collection points.

Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.
Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required.
Supports the overall success of the organization by performing all other duties as assigned.
Build alliance and coordinate partnership with local agri-focused organisations with significant extension network to help with farmer mobilisation and buy-in from ideation to implementation phase.
Participate in the planning, preparation, and execution of data collection as instructed by the supervisor
Works in coordination with the supervisor to collate data collected.
Participates in training and supervising farmers on how to give the required data
Recruiting new farmers to join the data pool.

The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.
Must be a native Hausa speaker.
The position will require regular travel within remote rural areas, so potential candidate must be willing to travel.
A Bachelor’s degree or any degree in Agriculture or Agriculture Management or any related discipline.
Experience in agro-business development and management of agriculture focused projects is a huge plus.
A high level of attention to detail and accuracy in working with numbers;
Ability to work calmly under pressure to deliver as part of a team
Excellent planning and time management skills and ability to meet deadlines
Proficiency with Microsoft Office Applications, such as Word and Excel, is required and ability to use tools to compile reports.

How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

Sales Force Consulting – Our client, with her Office headquarters located in Onitsha, is engaged in online sales and marketing of movie, media and content for diverse audience globally. They are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Online Marketer
Location: Anambra

Job Description

As part of their expansion program, there exists vacancies for Online Patform Personnel.

Preferred candidates should possess adequate experience in online sales and marketing and video uploads on YouTube
He should be creative with ability to deliver jobs with speed and spontaneity and with competence in data analysis and digital traffic monitoring
Candidates must be ready to be interviewed in Onitsha and eventually reside in Onitsha if successful.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should urgently forward their CV to: The subject of the mail should be: “Online Marketing Staff”.

Application Deadline: 15th April, 2019.

Latest Jobs Vacancies / Nokia Recent Employment Opening – Apply Now!
« on: April 06, 2019, 12:15:39 am »
Nokia is a global leader in the technologies that connect people and things. With state-of-the-art software, hardware and services for any type of network, Nokia is uniquely positioned to help communication service providers, governments, and large enterprises deliver on the promise of 5G, the Cloud and the Internet of Things. Serving customers in over 100 countries, our research scientists and engineers continue to invent and accelerate new technologies that will increasingly transform the way people and things communicate and connect. We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Care Technical Customer Advocate
Ref Id: 19000001CP
Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Acts as a resource having up-to-date, detailed technical knowledge of customer network & application as well as product expertise.
Is the primary technical liaison between the customer and Nokia Care organization for technical support activities and builds trusted advisor relationship with the customer.
Provides technical guidance to PU , Services & Care  team on actions for improvement in CSAT.
Key Responsibilities

Is responsible along with CarePM for customer satisfaction ( CSAT).
Keeps himself aware of application health & changes .
Keeps himself technically abreast with NPI and Rollout activities of his customer.
Keeps himself aware of tendering-negotiations (SWS scope) for his customer.
Can make suggestions or raise concerns.
Shares sales & upselling opportunities with CarePM or Sales.
Represents the Technical Support Service in front of customer, managing difficult situations and conflict resolutions.
Represents customer (interests) within Nokia for Technical Support Service activities.
Provides customer-facing communication regarding operational, technical and quality issues. Makes timely recommendations to customer.
Provides analysis of Product Release notes and Alerts to the customer.
Supports Care T2/T3 team in technical aspects of Outage management
Engage with 3P for outage management if included with scope of Care
Maintains information about customer network in relevant databases.
Supports CarePM from a technical stand point.

Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer Engineering Degree or equivalent with at least 5 years experience in support/customer management role;
Soft Skills:

Problem Solving
Risk Management
Verbal Communication
Team Focused
Presentation skills, to deliver technical trainings when required.
Ability to communicate clearly and concisely
Customer Focus
Decision Making

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

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