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Title: How to Start Data Bundle Selling and Scratch cards(WAEC,NECO,GCE)Reselling Business in Nigeria
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How to Start Data Bundle Selling and Scratch cards(WAEC,NECO,GCE)Reselling Business in Nigeria

Data bundle usage is fast becoming a part of our daily necessity as there has been significant growth in the use of Smartphone now in Nigeria. As the telecoms industry improves, a lot of business opportunities are emerging. Data bundle reselling or selling is one of the latest business opportunity arising as a result of growth in the industry.

What is Data Bundle Reselling Business?

Data bundle reselling is a business solution that enables Resellers to earn additional revenue by buying internet data bundles at a relatively cheaper rate and selling to the end users which is their customers. A data bundle Reseller may purchase data bundles in bulk in order to resell in chunks or may use the wallet funding approach where the Reseller funds an online wallet with any amount within his/her reach.

Datamall cheap DataBundles, Airtime, Bills Payment, Bulk sms –MTN 1GB@380

Anyway, Data is internet access given by a telecommunication company to use their network to browse. While Data Bundle is a deal offered by a telecommunication company (GLO, MTN, 9MOBILE and AIRTEL) that gives you (for example) 500 MegaBytes of Data for a set price.
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You can Set Your Own Price and Still make Huge Profit

For example,
• 1GB = N380
• 2GB = N720
• 5GB = N1725


Why I love the Datamall Reselling platform is the fact that everything is handled for you, it saves you time and it’s a lot cheaper.

Less Stressful: Think about it, you don’t have to worry yourself with the messy job of joining/subscribing to SME internet data bundles. And you know for SME internet data bundles you’ll have to top up almost every day/week to keep extending the data bundle expiry date.
Start with Little Capital: Start vending data for all major GSM networks with as low as N1,000. Imagine how much you’ll spend if you were selling for the 4 major network operators in Nigeria(MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, Glo) if you were using SME share Bundles. That means subscribing SME share data bundles on 4 different sims which is very tedious, expensive and unprofessional. With my method, you can save a lot and begin with as little as N1000

All you need is just an internet enabled device; must be an Android phone or laptop and you can go into data reselling business and make a decent profit for your self.

In a simple list, what you’ll need is thus;

PC or Android device.
Mobile Banking App or Debit Card (ATM card)
Recharge card printing
Bulk SMS
SMILE Bundles
WAEC Result Checker
NECO Result Checker
GCE Result Checker
Virtual Top Up Airtime, you read that right, VTU.

Plus, there’s no Merchant Charge for using any of the services, meaning you won’t be charged for service cost – more profit.

Ability to sell data bundles of all Networks with only one (1) funded Account.
Ability to start a Bulk SMS Business.
Ability to start selling Bitcoins as a Business.
Ability to sell data bundles cheaper than the normal price and still make a Profit for yourself.
Instant Account setup, you can begin business almost Immediately.
No Special Training is required; all you’ll need to know is included in this package.

Let’s take, for instance, wale credits his wallet and buys data at N400 per gig. As a student, he decided to be retailing the data plans by selling to his colleagues at N450 or N500 per gig depending on his decision. By so doing, he makes N50 or N100 per transaction. If he has 10 transactions per day, that makes him N500 or N1000 respectively on a daily basis which is equivalent to N15,000 – N30,000 per month without any stress.
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