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Title: How to Power all Apps with MTN MPulse Data using Spark VPN
Post by: naijaontop on September 07, 2018, 07:46:10 am
MTN MPulse Browsing Cheat with Spark VPN
>> Android phone.
>> MTN SIM with MPulse subscription.
>> Spark VPN APK. Download HERE (http://gistontop.com.ng/2018/09/mtn-mpulse-browsing/).
>> Spark VPN config file. Download HERE (http://gistontop.com.ng/2018/09/mtn-mpulse-browsing/)

MTN mPulse Tweak Settings with Spark VPN
>> Download and install Spark VPN from this LINK (http://gistontop.com.ng/2018/09/mtn-mpulse-browsing/).
>> Download the MTN MPulse config file HERE (http://gistontop.com.ng/2018/09/mtn-mpulse-browsing/).
>> Launch the Spark VPN app and click on tweak at the top right corner.
>> Search for the config file you downloaded earlier and select it.
>> After that, click on start and wait for a few seconds while it connects.

That's all guys.

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Source: http://gistontop.com.ng/2018/09/mtn-mpulse-browsing/

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