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Have you been trying to join this great forum and finding it very difficult to join US. Don't worry because you're now at the correct Page of this Forum that will aid you on that. Thousands of people who have registration as members are not different from You. Therefore, after reading this within the next 3 minutes, you're already a member of Earlyface Forum. Now Let Kick Off... Step by Step!!

(1.) Username: A username allows you to access your Earlyface's account, and is commonly paired with a password. Choosing a Username for yourself while trying to register with us, you can Use a variation of your name that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to associate with your name. Use your seldom-spoken middle name (Nickname), for example, and spell it backwards. E.g. (Marissa = Assiram), (John = Ajohn) Or you can Use your Nickname.

You can Add any of the following to give your username a unique twist : Underscores ( _ ) or periods (.) (e.g. Assiram_K or P.Assiram). Numbers - Make sure they are numbers that are of significance to you, but not necessarily revealing, like birthdates or addresses. Don't use too many numbers though.(e.g. Assiram727) Caution: Non-letter characters can be overused and look tacky. In addition using too many may violate the username policy. Use them in moderation and note Username shouldn't exceed 15 Characters.

(2.)Email: After Username, Email address is also one of the most essential information needed to register as Earlyface member because you'll also be receiving our updates through your Email. You cannot register as Earlyface' member without having Email Address. To create an email for yourself, you can visit www.gmail.com to create email either with phone or PC, then after that use it here for registration.

Please Use Correct Email Address because a Verification Link will be sent to your Email Address after registration. Please do not use something like e.g. www.issacpeter@gmail.com but use issacpeter@gmail.com because email Address is not website.

(3.)Allow users to email me: Checking/Marking this Option means that you want other members to send you email through Earlyface.com.ng

(4A.)Choose password: A password is a secret word or string of characters that is used for Earlyface user authentication to prove identity, or for access approval to gain access to your Earlyface Forum Account (example: an access code is a type of password). The password should be kept secret from those not allowed access. Sentries would challenge those wishing to enter your Earlyface's Account or approaching it to supply a password or watchword, and would only allow you to Login.

Please do not use simple passwords like (1234, abcd, your username, your name, Phone number, country, etc) as password during registration but you can combine them to make it harder for other people not to remember. This is to prevent your account being hacked.

(4B.)Verify password: In this Option, kindly re-type the password which you formerly type at Choose password Column. For instance, if you type emy667 as password at Choose password also type it again at Verify password. This is to ensure that You didn't make mistake will typing your password because it's shown like ******* for security Reasons. Also password must be either four or more than four Characters but not below four characters.

(5.)Location: In this Option, just type-in the name of your Town, Street, State, City or Even Village.

(6.)Gender: Here, you can select whether you're Male or Female.

(7.)Country: Here, you can select you country of Origin whether U.S.A, U.K, Nigeria, Ghana, India, etc. But be sincere, because wrong select be affect your account and this may cause deletion of your account. Note Earlyface Forum is not a place for Scamers/fraudster, be geniue.

(8.)Full Name: Here, type-in your Real name both First Name, Middle Name and Surname.

(9.)Marital Status: Just select your marital status. This important most especially for singles searching, because through here you can get connected. But be sincere because your Wife may have been Earlyface's member.

(10.)Network: Here, you select the Network Operator that you're using in your Country. This is essential most especially for those seeking for free browsing Cheats/Tweaks/Tricks but must be selected.

(11.)Occupation: Here, you select your Profession either Student, Teacher, Computer Engineer, Civil Servant, Leader, etc. Do you know that We can help you improve your Job for betterment?

(12.)Phone Number:This column is Optional but very important because We can call or Text you directly through Phone Call or SMS. Just Insert your Phone number either in International format (e.g. +2348033333333) or Local for format (e.g. 08033333333) but note Alphabet is not allowed.

(13.)Religion/Belief: Select your religion. This help in Our Religious Discussion Board where you can chat and discussion with People of same religious Group or Different religious Groups.

(14.)School Attended: Here, you'll type-in either your Current School or the School which you attended during School days. Very important for students because many people from your School are Here on Earlyface Forum.

This is the final step of Our Registration but some people ignore it leading to them unable to register as a member. Some people don't know that this CAPTCHA is part of Our registration. This Verification is used in order to confirm that you are actually a human being and not a Spambot/Robot. It's shown as;

This CAPTCHA displays an image containing a random collection of letters, which you must enter into a text field correctly. Note that you must type the Letters shown in the Image Correctly and remember to give a space after typing the first word before second one. For Example:

Here is the CAPTCHA image before you answers it..

Here is the CAPTCHA image after you answers it.

If you can't see the Letters in the Image very well, Click on Reload button at the Box or Refresh the Page to change to another letter. Then, After filling the Box, click on Register to Join Us immediately.

Now CLICK HERE..., to Restart the registration again. Note that all field must be filled except ''Phone Number'' which is Optional. Just follow the Instructions here to complete it.... It fast and free of charge. We don't charge you to join US.. For further help, you can Call our Help Line .

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