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Author Topic: Smile Nigeria 4G LTE Internet Data Plans  (Read 3025 times)

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Smile Nigeria 4G LTE Internet Data Plans
« on: March 14, 2020, 11:51:07 am »
This post is about Smile Nigeria 4G LTE Internet. See the super cool services Smile Ng is offering here.

Smile 4G is one of the top and popular internet service provider in Nigeria . Smile is coming out fast with Wi-Fi network in many Nigerian cities.

smile internet
Smile is a 4G LTE broadband internet service provider that currently has one of the fastest internet services in Nigeria.

Smile Nigeria Starter Prices
The Smile Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack can be purchased at the price of ₦23,000 and it includes One Wi-Fi router, one SIM plus 10GB data.

The Smile MiFi Router Starter Pack cost ₦16,000, and includes One MiFi router, one SIM and 5GB data.

Also You can purchase the Smile Nigeria SIM Only Starter Pack if you already have a universal MiFi or Wi-Fi and all you have to do is insert the Sim into your device. The SIM Only Starter Pack cost only ₦2,300 and you will get one Sim and 2GB complementary data.

Smile Data Bundle Plans

Voice Plans
SMILEVOICE ONLY: Gives you 75 mins at 11 kobo/sec to all networks
Including 75 local call mins and 30 days validity
Price:₦ 500
SMILEVOICE ONLY: 165 mins at 10 kobo/sec to all networks
Including 165 local call mins and 30 days validity
Price:₦ 1,000
SMILEVOICE ONLY: 500 mins at 10 kobo/sec to all networks
Including 500 local call miins and 30 days validity
Price:₦ 3,000
UNLIMITED PREMIUM: Unlimited Premium monthly plan and 30 days validity
Price:₦ 19,800

Smile 4g Packages & Starter Pack Prices
Smile Packages   Package Includes   Package Price in ₦
Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack   One Wi-Fi router + one SIM + 10GB data   ₦23,000
MiFi Router Starter Pack   One MiFi router + one SIM + 5GB data   ₦16,000
SIM Only Starter Pack   One SIM + 2GB data   ₦2,300

Smile 4G Anytime Plans
Smile Anytime Bundles   Validity Period   Bundle Price   Out-of-Bundle Rate in ₦
PPU (Pay-Per-Use)   –   –   
₦3,000 per GB
500MB   30 days   ₦1,500   
₦3,000 per GB
2GB   30 days   ₦1,800   
₦1,800 per GB
3GB   30 days   ₦3,000   
₦1,334 per GB

30 days
30 days


₦1,100 per GB
#1,000 per GB

12 months
30 Days


₦900 per GB
#900 per GB
20GB   12 months   ₦17,000   
₦850 per GB
50GB   12 months   ₦36,000   
₦720 per GB
100GB   12 months   ₦70,000   
₦700 per GB
200GB   12 months   ₦135,000   
₦675 per GB

Smile 4g Home Night and Weekend Plans
Smile Home Night and Weekend Bundles   Validity Period   Bundle Price in ₦   Out-of-Bundle Rate in ₦
5GB   30 days   ₦4,000   
₦800 per GB
10GB   30 days   ₦7,500   
₦750 per GB
20GB   30 days   ₦14,000   
₦700 per GB

Daily, Weekends and Night plans
1GB FlexiDaily Plan (24 Hours Validity) Price:₦ 500.
2GB FlexiWeekly Plan ( 7 Days Validity) Price:₦ 1,200.
3GB Weekend Only Plan (9pm Friday to Sunday midnight Validity) Price:₦ 1,500.
3GB Midnight Plan (Midnight to 6AM, 7 Days Validity) Price:₦ 1,500.
BumpaValue Plans
30GB BumpaValue: This Includes 30GB BumpaValue plan and 60 days validity

Price:₦ 15,000

60GB BumpaValue: This includes 60GB BumpaValue plan with 90 days validity period. Price:₦ 30,000

80GB BumpaValue: Including 80GB BumpaValue plan and 120 days validity
Price:₦ 50,000
Other Data Plans
1GB SmileLite: Includes 1GB SmileLite with data speed up to 2Mbps with 30 days validity period.
Price:₦ 1,000
2GB SmileLite (30 Days Validity) Speeds up to @ Price:₦ 2000
7GB MORE VALUE! Includes: 7GB Anytime data offering more value with 30 days validity
Price:₦ 5,000
UNLIMITED LITE: UnlimitedLite monthly plan now available in Asaba, Abuja, Benin, Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onitsha and Kaduna with 30 days validity
Price:₦ 10,000
Smile 4G LTE Unlimited Plan is Subject to a Secret “FAIR USAGE” policy.
I think there was a meeting at Smile Communications HQ where it was agreed that they will offer customers Unlimited Internet plan for 19,800 Naira but it would actually be 80GB for that price.

That’s the fair usage policy Smile NG did not tell me about at point of purchase. If they did, i wouldn’t have subscribed to 4 days of Unlimited internet because that’s how fast i exceeded 80GB. I guess ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Once you exceed that set Maximum, your Smile NG 4G LTE upload / download speeds would drop from the promised 21Mbps to 30Kbps – which is as good as Dial up internet. There’s no greater punishment than slow internet.
You can still access Google, Facebook, check your email but just forget about downloads or watching of videos when FUP is applied. Who that one Epp?

According to the Smile Knowledge base:
Yes, FUP applies to all Smile unlimited data access plans.
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    Re: Smile Nigeria 4G LTE Internet Data Plans
    « Reply #1 on: March 16, 2020, 12:59:17 pm »
    Good networking


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