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Author Topic: True friendship  (Read 46 times)

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True friendship
« on: September 10, 2019, 09:46:46 am »
It's morning". Chukwuma said, waking Danladi up. Chukwuma had woken up at the sound of the bell, in his mind, he wondered why he would have to wake up very early every morning. He was enjoying his sleep when the bell sounded.

Chukwuma "why do they always wake us this early?" He asked Danladi as he came down from his bed. Danladi smiled at him, none of them enjoyed the early morning rising because the bell always sounded when their sleep was getting more interesting.

Danladi came down from his bed and joined chukwuma. They took their tooth brushes and after applying tooth paste on the brushes they went to brush their teeth in readiness for the morning devotion.

Chukwuma and Danladi were best of friends and everybody in the school noticed the closeness between them. Their friendship started on the first day that school resumed. 2hike the old student we're resuming to start a new session, the new students in J.S.S. one were resuming to start their secondary education.

Danladi was coming out of the hostel when he saw chukwuma carrying a big and heavy bag. He volunteered to help him and they carried the bag together into the hostel. While they were putting the bar on chukwuma's bee, they introduce themselves.

After dropping the bag they went out together to bring the remaining items.
"So you have made a new friend." Chukwuma father who was standing outside the hostel, said, smiling as he saw Danladi and chukwuma. He stretch his hand and shook Danladi as Danladi greeted him.

"Tell me your name." He said to Danladi.
" My name is Danladi." Danladi said. They talked for a while and before chukwuma's father left, he advised the boys in the need for moral and academic excellence. He also advised them on the need to always care for each other, then he drove off. From that moment, the two boys stayed close to each other, doing everything together. They were happily in the company of each other.

Academic activities started and all the student in J.S.S one got serious with their academic works. Danladi answered most of the questions the teachers asked in class. Chukwuma was always quiet. He didn't understand most of what was taught in class and he always feel ashamed to ask questions.

Danladi noticed this and decided to help his friend. After classes, he would explain all what chukwuma didn't understand to him. And with time chukwuma began to do better in his academic works, though he still relied on Danladi's assistance.

When chukwuma's father came to take him home for the holiday, he was happy to know his son was improving academically. He thanked Danladi for his assistance. He told Danladi to join them in the car. Danladi did and chukwuma's father drove him home.

Danladi's mother was surprised to see her son coming out of a car. She quickly ran out of the house when she saw him, she hugged him and thanked chukwuma's father for bringing him home.

Danladi had told his mother about chukwuma's when she visited him in school and she was grateful to the man for the gifts he bought for her son. Chukwuma and his father left after bidding Danladi and his mother goodbye.

Chapter Two

The holiday ended and students returned to school. The two boys were happy to be back together. Two weeks into the term, chukwuma made new friends and paid less attention to Danladi. He began to avoid avoid Danladi but Danladi kept caring for him. Before long l, Danladi discovered that the boys chukwuma moved with were influencing him negatively so he decided to advice chukwuma.

 "Chukwuma, why are you doing this to yourself ? You know that these boys are not for you yet you mingle with them, what has come over you? He asked chukwuma who just stared at him without saying a word.
"Your grades are going down and there is no sign of improvement, yet you're not bothered. I wonder what you will write when the exams come. "Danladi continued.
" Mind the way you talk to me, you are not my father." Chukwuma warned him and Read More


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