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Author Topic: Start your own Agro Business in Nigeria with Small Capital  (Read 2973 times)

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Start your own Agro Business in Nigeria with Small Capital
« on: March 12, 2020, 11:28:00 am »
There are unlimited opportunities in the agricultural sector; With the downturn of our much relied-on oil and gas sector, Agriculture has taken a position of prominence in Nigeria’s economy making up about 20.49% of our total GDP in the first quarter of 2016 (National Bureau of Statistics).

The demand for agricultural products both in Nigeria and the world at large will always be on the high side because food is one of the basic needs of man. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you can key into this demand and set up an agro business, creating enormous wealth for yourself.

There are many reasons every young aspiring entrepreneur should look into agriculture. There are endless opportunities in agriculture and more people are starting to realize that, especially young people.

Like the old saying, the best way to get started in agriculture is to find and learn from people who are already involved in it.

We have bring together formidable team of Agro Business Statup experts, who have long range of experience in starting Agro business and ready to help you Plan and setup your own Mini or Mega Agro Business with small or huge Capital

We will help you save more money and acheive more endless income in your Agro Business setup.

We can help you setup a Comprehensive full proof working Business Plan and entire setup, for any of the following Agro Business Statup Packages.

1. Poultry Farming Agro Business Startup (Broilers, Layers, Hatcheries, Breeding)
2. Poultry Feeds Productions Business Startup
3. Livestock Farming Business Startup (Birds, Snail, Cat Fish, Goats, Pigs, Sheep, Rabbit and lots more)
4. Poulty Eggs & Livestock Distribution Business Startup
5. Vegetable (all vegetables) Farming Agro Business Startup
6. Cucumber Farming Agro Business Startup
7. Cassava Farming Agro Business Startup
8. Tubbers(Yam, Potatoes, Cocoyam) Farming Agro Business Startup
9. Orange Farming Agro Business Startup
10. Pineapple Farming Agro Business Startup
11. Flower Distribution Business
12. Rice Farming Agro Business Startup
13. Agro-Produce Exportation Business Startup
14. Yam Flour Production Agro Business Startup
15. Beans Flour Production Agro Business Startup
16. Potato Flour Production Agro Business Startup
17.Corn Flour Production Agro Business Startup
18. Corn Farming Agro Business Startup
19. Foodstuff Distribution Business Startup
20. Charcoal Production & Supply Business Startup
21.Plantain & Potatoes Chips Business Startup
22. Cashew Nuts Agro Business Startup
23. Melon Agro Business Startup
24. Ginger & Garlic Agro Business Startup
25. Beans Agro Business Startup
26. CrayFish Agro Business Startup
27. Tomatoe & Pepper Agro Business Startup
28. Carrot Agro Business Startup
29. Onions Agro Business Startup

What we will do for you
1. Setup a Business Plan
2. Setup the entire agro business
3. Setup a Distribution Channel
4. Help you with distribution
5. Assist you with management (optional)
6. Get direct Industries & International Agro export market
7. Agro Expansion process

We can do all the above for you, while you seat back and watch your income grows

Kindly choose above from any of the Agro Business you intend to startup and contact us for Startup Consultation

Telephone Call us: +2349081844811
Whatsapp: +2347062940253


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