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Author Topic: Forum Rules and Regulations  (Read 2173 times)

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Forum Rules and Regulations
« on: November 05, 2012, 02:02:22 am »
By accessing, using or signing up for our discussion boards or any other service, you indicate you agree to all terms. Everything you do on Earlyface FORUM is subjected to these terms and conditions. By becoming a member of these forum, you agree to the following:

(1). Posting: Be respectful.

(1a) Offensive Content: You won't post it.
(1b.) Profanity: You won't direct it at another user.
(1c.) Intellectual Property: Don't steal content. Period.
(1d.) Cross-Posting: You won't post the same post in more than one location.
(1e.) Recruitment/Solicitation: You won't collect personal info of members for any reason.
(1f.) Relevant Content: Stay on-topic in threads.
(1g.) Political Baiting: Be respectful.
(1h.) Spamming: Don't spam.
(1i.) Use former Language in discussions
(1j.) Video links/embeds: Describe anything you link to in a post. Don't just post it.
(1k.) Affiliate links: You shouldn't include them in your post.
(1l.) Hotlinking: Don't do it unless you ask the owner.

(2) Behavior: Be respectful.

(2a.) Identity Spoofing: Be yourself and not someone else. Only you can use your account.
(2b.) HaXor: No computer hacking.
(2c.) Multiple Accounts: Don't do it.
(2d.) Forum Gangs: Don't start or participate in one.
(2e.) Illicit Activity: Don't be a user here.
(2f.) Private Messages: Don't spam our members.
(2g.) Board Wars: Don't engage in them.
(2h.) Public Affection: Don't be overt.
(2i.) ****: Don't do it.
(2j.) Personal information: Don't share your personal info--this is the Internet.
(2k.) Obstructing the discussion: Keep it to a minimum.
(2l.) Racial slurs: Never, ever. Don't do it.

(3) Content Copyright: Your posts are yours, be we can use them.

(3a) Content Distribution: Share and share alike.
(3b) DMCA Enforcement: We will protect what you post here.
(3c) If you think someone has stolen data then let us know.

(4) Advertising: No advertising accept the given forum for advertisement even if it is a charity.

(4a) Unauthorized Marketing: ATTENTION MARKETERS: No posts advertising unauthorized products even in advertisement board.
(4b) Ad Blockers: We would appreciate you not blocking our primary source of income.

(5) Personal Responsibilities: We are all adults here so act like one.

(5a) Unauthorized Access: Don't be a hacker or spammer.
(5b) Cooperation: Let us know and we will do what we can to help.

(6) Disclaimer: We can't possibly see everything.

(6a) Disclosure: If the government want something, they can get it.
(6b) Neutrality: We endorse no posts or topics.
(6c) No Guarantee: We do the best we can.
(6d) Experts Advice: We do not claim to be authoritative. Go to a doctor or a lawyer if you need one.
(6e) Loss: We are not responsible for any damages or problems you might have by using our site.

(7) Violation: If you ignore or don't follow the terms, you might be banned.

(8) Right of Community Management: We can and probably will ban trolls on-sight.

(9) Age: If you are under 10, this is not the place for you. If you are between 10 and 16 you need parental/guardian permission to participate in our message board(s).

(10) Post-Count Boosting: Post real comments. If you join or post on our message board(s) you agree to all of the above.
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