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Author Topic: Messenger Execution  (Read 423 times)

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Messenger Execution
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:34:02 pm »
A messenger for imperial army delivers a
message, unfortunately the outcome was
unexpected for her.
Troyan Horse Execution
Ming was a messenger in the imperial army.
She was 19 and have just passed messenger training, she was taught to travel vast
distances in shorter times.
Her first message to deliver was a letter to the
newly appointed young Emperor. The Emperor
was 17 years old, his fater just died from a
long ilness. The Emperor was a infantilic child, loved
nature and horses. He did not want to listen to
counselors and wise men foresee his
upcoming removal from the throne.
Ming was running her horse on the road, pushing the animal to the limit. About an hour
was left until the Emperor's residence. Ming
was not aware of the new Emperor, her only
mission was to deliver the important strategic
message from the battlefield.
*** Ming rushed the horse to the door, jumped of
the horse and ran in the castle. The horse
almost immediately dropped dead from
Unfortunately for Ming, The Emperor saw this
and horse's fate did make him very sad. ***
Ming handed the letter to one of the counselors
while kneeling in front of the Emperor. The
elderly counselor passed the letter to the
Emperor and knelt before him.
After some time reading the letter and sitting silently, the infant supreme leader whispered
something to the counselor.
"Your Highness, but she just did her job, she
is a messenger. She delivered important
strategic information!"
The Emperor stood up and walked away. Elderly counselor turned around, sadly looking
at the young messenger girl.
"Sieze her!" - he commanded.
"What??" - Ming was shocked
"Im sorry my child, the Emperor got upset
about you riding your horse to death. You will be executed"
No more reasons were needed to execute
anybody for the Emperor. People did not like
this, but they could not change their Emperor
so easily. Althought several soldiers and high generals, also almost all of the counselors
have conspired against the mindless child
ruler, their plan was still in progress.
Ming was thrown into jail for several days. She
did not know her fate, when or how she will be
executed. She heard rumors about conspiracy from
other prisoners and hoped that the plan would
succeed as soon as possible.
She hoped to live.
Ming woke up from the sound of her cell door unlocking. Two guards grabbed her and
brought to the castle square. The Emperor
was grinning in his throne, and the elderly
counselor read her predicament, written by the
"Messenger **** the horse till death, so now horse will **** the messenger till death"
Counselor stated as a dozen of guards rolled a
wooden horse onto the square. It was the
same size as a normal horse, made from
wood with four wheels. They removed some
wooden locks and part of the wooden horse body opened up, revealing an empty chamber
inside the horse.
There were leather straps inside the horse's
body and an opening in the back, where
horse's genitals would be.
Now Ming understood. Dread and horror overtook her. It was a long forgotten horse
execution device. A prisoner was strapped
inside the hollow wooden horse body in such a
way, that her private parts aligned with the
opening in the horse, and another **** horse
was released to implement the execution. Very rarely prisoners have survived this
torture, and those who did, could not live a
normal life after that.
Ming screamed and tried to break free from
the guards, but she was weakened by her
imprisonment. Obviously, male soldiers were much stronger than her.
They ripped her clothes away, revealing a slim
body with small **** and a typical, almost
unshaven asian pubic hair.
Ming was sobbing. The horror she felt was so
immense, that she couldnt even make a sound.
Guards dragged her to the execution device
and started strapping her inside. One guard
held a bucked of mare **** that was in heat.
When Ming was strapped, mare **** was
smeared all over her private parts, and then the horse body was locked, completely hiding
the petite asian body.
Only some trembling of the wooden statue and
echoing screams coming from inside
suggested that there was somebody inside.
From certain angle also her wet **** was visible.
"Release the stallion!" - commanded the
A good thing Ming could not see the stallion, it
was huge. It has already sensed the mare in
heat and his **** was hanging down, almost to the ground. It was becoming more and more
erect, sizing up to almost one meter in length,
the diameter was about 6 cm.
The stallion was unpatiently dancing on his
legs while soldiers led him to the wooden figure
that smelt like a mare in heat. Stallion wondered around for some time,
sniffing all around and under the tail, where
Ming's **** was sticking out. He touched her
with his cold nose and licked it a bit, what
produced renewed thrashing from Ming and
screaming. Then the stallion jumped and put his front legs
on the wooden figure, mounting it like he would
mount a mare.
His fully erect **** was hitting wooden sides
and touching Ming from time to time. Ming
knew what was that feeling. She was tired of thrashing and was just quietly sobbing, being
completely helpless.
There was no way for her to avoid what was
going to happen.
The stallion lunged a few times, trying to
penetrate the unusually tight slot, and succeeding in the third time, he pushed,
making a small step forward.
An agonising scream filled the square as the
stallion entered Ming for about 14 of his length,
just reaching her maximum depth in one
shove, gentle from a horse perspective, but a brutal thrust for a human.
The horse was restless and immediately
started bucking back and forth, trying to
penetrate deeper. Inch by inch he succeeded
slowly, not understanding why this horse is so
shallow and tight. Ming screamed all the time. The stallion was
becoming more and more ****. Now he was
not only buckling back and forth, but making
small jumps when he shoved forward. One
problem was that the wooden horse was now
moving forward with each animalistic thrust. Ming's slot was stretched to maximum, but still
holding its integrity. Guards approached the
scene and put locks on the wheels so that the
wooden figure would not move forward, now
not allowing Ming to avoid the stallion's ****
splitting thrusts. Young female servants with dread observed
how the stallion was shoving now half of his
**** in the wooden figure in a frienzied
animalistic **** urge.
Ming was grimasing in pain with each thrust,
her agony was exquisite. Her fate was now sealed, she was completely helpless. Only
thing she could do is to grit her teets and put all
her effort in enduring the skull splitting pain that
was hammering at the dead end of her
straining, barely holding slot.
If there would not be dark inside the wooden horse, she would see how her abdomen was
being distorted at different angles, now bulging
surreal just above her navel. Her insides were
reshaped and battered to a porridge. She could
almost feel the hard horse **** hammering
her diaphragma, the pain was intense. And with wheels locked, now all of the horse
strength and weight was hammering Ming.
Each thrust like a blacksmiths hammer
hammering already straining leather bag from
This continued for some time until there were no more cries going from inside the wooden
horse, and the stallion now was penetrating up
to 3/4 of his length, which was acceptable for
the stallion, and he started cumming. His horse
**** shrunk and fell out, gushing pink cum
mixed with blood from the opening in the wooden horse.
The Emperor watched in awe, just as the
assassin drove a stiletto through his heart
from behind, immediately assassinating the
Emperor, and clenching on a glass capsule
with poison when he saw that his stiletto handle touched Emperor's body.
The plan was finished perfectly. Unfortunately
for Ming, her execution was the perfect
distraction that a plan like this needed in order
to succeed.


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